Open your doors to the Light of the Master Jesus


Hail, Jesus!

Hail, the Master of Light!

Baltazar among you, sisters.

From above, it is poured out from the hearts of the Ascended Masters of the Great Universal White Brotherhood, balms of Light to those who, in the midst of darkness, stumble, fall and, desolate, have no strength to rise. To each nation its karma, to every nation, its help.

For all the poison poured out by the enemies, by the brethren of darkness, there is an antidote available to the minds and hearts of all, which is the love of the Master Jesus. If it is absorbed in its purest form, it will strengthen the brothers of humanity so that they surpass the phase of pain and atonement in which they live.

I come to tell you that we notice that the Light left in the homes by the Masters every Christmas, some are already obscured and others have already faded, unfortunately. Very few are still lit, because keeping them irradiating is the responsibility of the members of each household.

When we say that by each year the difficulty will increase, the human mind is quickly referred to material difficulties, and these, in view of spiritual difficulties, are minimal. Because the closure of an unsuccessful incarnation will never be due to material causes, but always through the difficulties of living together in the home, in the incomprehension of the pain of others, in rebellion to the Divine Laws, in the noncompliance with the program done by loving hands to help the fallen brother. It is at this point that we say that the pains will intensify, that spiritual strength only decreases by will and initiative of the being and not by the lack of material goods.

Every year at Christmas, Master Jesus sees the hopes of rebirth. Christmas softens hearts, turns hate into friendship, understanding. But after this period, because of the lack of a greater support in the faith, of the lack of perseverance, men return to the same practices.

With the departure of the rightists from the spiritual colonies and their forwarding to their places of destination, the friendly spirituality uses the space left by them, in a gesture of love, to occupy with beings that come from the abysses, from the incarnations, so that they can make their choices with the same justice that is given to the incarnated brethren.

We have warned you that the year of 2019 will be a great spiritual ordeal for earthly humanity, and we ask you not to be contaminated by the dangerous energy of the War Masters who, seeing humanity with a more and more hardened heart, will find facilities to plot against the Light.

The mass disincarnations will occur through catastrophes, natural phenomena in places not yet reached by the force of nature. Parents and children will be separated by wars. And even though wars are contrary to the Light, the free will of the peoples and their leaders will be exercised and all will respond, to a greater or lesser extent, by their actions.

Take advantage brethren, of the bridges of Light that are sent to Earth by the Brothers of the Stars, by the Brothers of the Earth and by spiritual friends. This Light is cast by beings far superior to those who try to finish with the hopes of human hearts.

Once again, we will be roaming the homes, stirring the lamps on the altar of the heart of each family, and once again we ask you to keep the flame of love and charity burning all year long, for inevitably the pain will fall upon the humanity. But how it will be lived will depend on each one of you, not letting you be defeated by the attempts of the brethren still in primitive stages of moral evolution.

May the Light of the Master Jesus be with us!

Open your doors to the Light of the Master Jesus, because He will only be present if invited.

May the Light be between us.

Save Jesus!



One of the Three Wise Men

GESH – 07/12/2018 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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