Your destination will adapt according to your choices


Hail, Jesus!

Brethren of the earth, you can not abbreviate your sufferings!

Compelled by the Law of Progress, you will pay everything you owe before you leave the planet in convulsion.

Your destiny will adapt according to your choices. There is no Divine Determinism that imposes this or that way. Your choices, whether or not based on the Gospel of Christ, position your souls to the right or left of the Planetary Christ. And each will continue to adjust to the vibrations that are related to it.

Sufferings, pains and moral upheavals are impulses of renewal for your soul. If you fall into rebellion, judging yourself wronged, you will remain attached to the worlds of pain and suffering. But if the resignation, patience, humility, forgiveness and love taught by Jesus, who is the ruler of the earth, direct your actions, modifying your vibratory tone, accelerating the dynamization of your cells and cleaning your tunics, you will be deserving to dwell in a better, higher, purified world after the storms of the Apocalypse.

You must understand that the destiny of your immortal souls depends only on you.

The facts materialized among you and that bring purification to your souls are the outcome of plots woven on the invisible plane, of battles and struggles between the Forces of Light and the Forces Contrary to the Good. There is an invisible world with you, an invisible world in which every day you immerse your spirits in the whirlwind of struggles with those who inhabit this plane, where your soul actively entertains, makes choices, and walks side by side with its inhabitants. What you live is the result of internal struggles and psychic adjustments with the two worlds, physical and spiritual.

No leaf falls from a tree that is not set to a divine program. So all lives, all life forms, follow a course programmed by Ethereal Minds, Subliminal Light Beings that lead the humanities and the planets.

Adjust yourselves, brethren, to the high vibrations of love and peace! Bring the Divine Light into your hearts and, bathed in faith and love, tread the tortuous, dangerous, and filthy ways of the Apocalypse, to attain renewal of your souls.

Collective deaths will happen and will occur in an increasingly common way in your times. The elements of nature, disturbed by the planetary imbalance, will manifest themselves intensely in human collectivities, causing unexpected or already announced catastrophes.

Your inner transformation will bring you into line with the elective bands of your choices.

Increasingly difficult is the walk of those who have chosen to become rightists, but the Inexhaustible Source of Light radiated from the Sublime Heart of Jesus, bathing your forehead and soul, will lead you safely to liberation.

We are many who walk with you, seeking to awaken your consciousness to the urgent and necessary transformation in this "end of the planetary cycle."

Brethren, there is no victory without struggles!

Jesus is with you and His love sustains us.

Paul, your brother.

Let's work in tune with Jesus! Let us awaken the brothers of humanity to send their thoughts to the Sublime Regions, with faith and courage, resignation and humility, to transpose the "gates of pain", accessing the dimension of Regeneration.

Hail, Jesus! Hail, the Light that guides us!


Paul of Tarsus

GESH – 15/02/2019 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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