No Country will go unharmed by planetary cleaning


The routing of the facts, on the physical plane, precedes the changes that the Earth must pass.

Without any date prediction in the programming made for the planet, we inform that dense and dark mass precipitates to the physical plane. The structure of the Earth's Axis will not be shaken before the required time.

It is well known that the karma is accelerated, that the mass disincarnations are under way, that the encounters in the matter are more and more harmful and violent. This is because there is no way to contain the great negativity that surrounds the astral of the Earth.

The precipitation to the physical plane is not carried out indiscriminately; no innocent will be hit in that process. Everything is programmed and calculated for the events to come, both the regions that will be affected and the people who will be affected. Whether in Brazil or in another country, everything is programmed according to the karmic need of the grouping.

The region of Minas Gerais, where many lives were recently harvested, brings in its soil a lot of pain, many tears and revolts provoked by greed and gold fever and diamonds. Many insurgencies happened in those lands and in one way or another, each one is fulfilling its karma, adjusting its accounts with Brazil and with the planet.

No country, no nation, no matter how powerful, will emerge unscathed from planetary cleansing.

The Earth is under a superior loving protection, but nevertheless it is not justice and no one will leave without paying everything owed.

May the Light be between us and that each one, fulfilling its karma, should pass to a new, lighter, more renewed life.

This is the function of an incarnation.

Hail, Jesus!

Hail, the Light!



GESH – 01/02/2019 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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