Earthly humanity could have changed its destiny


Men of the Earth who believe in the words of Christ, in the loving words of Master Jesus, do not disturb your thoughts and your emotions in the face of current events.

Panic, terror and fear are for unbelievers, who have eyes to see but do not see, and have ears to hear but do not hear, for there are several messages announcing the Good News.

Nothing will happen to the Earth unless it has been announced by the Prophets, the Emissaries of Light and the Loving Master Jesus.

Earthly humanity could have changed its destiny, its history. Great opportunities were offered to men, so that we could not get to this barbarism that we see today and that has not yet reached its apex.

When the Master Jesus brought His messages, when the Apocalypse was foreseen for this humanity, it was for them to decide to modify their destinies, not to bring panic and fear to the still fragile and ignorant souls.

Nowadays, most still indulge in the pleasures of the earth and do not commune with the messages of the Master. These will be surprised, because the apocalyptic hour is about to happen and will be filled with weeping and gnashing of teeth.

All of you will go through the pains of the Earth, but the measure of pain and the thorns that you will find were the choices of each one. The intensity of the pain will be according to the harvest. Therefore, if you do not wish to harvest thorns, tread through painful, stony roads, begin to sow now, so that in the future you may gather flowers.

However, much of humanity harvests the pain of the moment and plants more pains for its future. Only a few, very few, will cross the Planetary Transition, attaining spiritual happiness.

For those in better spiritual conditions, seek to attune to the High, the Masters of Light, the GFBU * Masters, in the last moments of the planet they offer Their friendly hands to remove souls from the mire.

Take advantage of the Earth in what it has of the best, which are the teachings in the final trials, so that, once learned the lesson, be ye teachers of the future.

Only unbelievers will deny the Father. Only the haters will stone our Master again; but those who, by passing the last call, learn the lesson, will give hosanna to this life on earth.

Thank you master! For having received from you the great mission of bringing to Earth the book that tells the final trajectory of this planet. Me, a soul so imperfect and retarded before Your Angelitude.

May the Light of the Master be among us and may we all - Teachers, Messengers, Masters, Apostles - be united to our earthly brethren to rescue the souls of the pains and iniquities of the world.


João Evangelista

GESH – 16/02/2019 -Vigília Jacaraipe – Serra, ES – Brasil


*GFBU: Great Universal White Brotherhood

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