All will open their eyes to Divine Presence


May the Light of the Master Jesus be among you, poor humanity of the Earth!

The planet follows its course of transformation and evolution.

The Light of the Master Jesus is strong and vibrant in this Orb, a precious stone of His Spiritual Government.

On the current "roads of Jericho," there are many "Sauls" walking blind and wandering. However, all are aware of the presence of the Master and His plans, which treat of love and charity for His people.

Men may ignore the presence of the Master Jesus, yet they can not say that He does not exist, for even unbelievers observe His Presence and His Emissaries exhibited in the perfection of the Divine Work.

We are sure that one day all will be "Pauls", if not in this life, in the future life, for in one of them, in the path of eternity, all will open their eyes to the Divine Presence and work for their planet and of its people.

But in the present day, hatred still prevails, rejecting what was offered by the Sublime Master Jesus. Few have absorbed His teachings, much less put them into practice.

With the current picture of humanity, experiencing the rattles of this planet, we can not forget that the predictions of the prophets are being fulfilled and, unfortunately, the saddest part that we witness is not the ongoing catastrophes, nor the Law of Destruction and Regeneration of the planet following its schedule. The saddest thing is to see the hardening of mankind in dealing with others, because of all the virtues it could fail to practice, charity, which encompasses all others, is the one that is being more relegated, more despised. Charity is love and forgiveness, but hatred and selfishness nullify the practice of this sublime virtue.

Those who already possess in themselves the exact notion of what is the transformation of the planet and the need for inner reform, do not recede, do not abandon your faith, nor join the great mass of rebels.

Stand firm, brethren!

Through the energy produced by your feelings, by your actions on the physical plane, however small, it is of good people and charitable work groups like yours that we can withdraw, store and distribute through the planet the seeds of love that emanate from Above.

Be all true Christians, the prepositions of the Christ on the physical plane and you will see that, when you return to the Great Spiritual Homeland, you will be able to know the various "Pauls" who heard the Angel's voice and realize that nothing was in vain.

May the Light of the Master be in the homes and with the people who profess love and charity, amid so much pain, amid so much hatred.


Paul of Tarsus

GESH – 02/02/2019 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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