Hercolubus does not transform the nature of being


Hail, Jesus!

Hercolubus cleans the earth, removes the masks that once covered the true faces of beings, stirs the planet, revolutionizes countries and exposes the petty interests and true intentions that were once disguised as goodness, help, and solidarity.

The more the energy of Hercolubus circulates on planet Earth, the more dangerous it becomes to live on the physical plane, because in it also the prophecies are fulfilled: brothers against brothers, fathers against children, children against fathers, nations warring.

Chaos will not cease to exist if this friendly planet is taken away from Earth, for before it, chaos was imprisoned by the cloak, by the social veneer. It only smashed the clay image on which everyone leaned.

However, those who follow the path of the Light, those who seek - even with their imperfections - to follow the Gospel that seeks to erect, to build the Light of the Christ, are little influenced by the energy of the Intruder. Hercolubus does not have this function nor has the power to turn what is good into evil. If the good man lives in the precepts of love and fraternity, and this being solidified in his being, evil forces will not be able to reach him and will not transform the servant of the Christ into a monstrous being like the ones we see today circulating among humanity. The similar ones adjust, seek and act in the same way.

If today we see the iniquity, the cruelty, it is because those who act in this way did not seek by convenience, to get rid of these bonds. The Darkness is not stronger than the Light, but if it supplants the will of man to be transformed, it is because there is still not enough willpower in it to want to free itself from evil and then it still has pleasure in it.

The corrupt do not want to change the course of their lives, because they delight in gold, in the power that money brings. These are attuned to the energy of Hercolubus.

Earthly humanity, if there is within you the true will to overcome chaos, to leave this path by which you come walking, seek, with all you might, to deflect the course, molding your spirit in what you wish to be in the future: less selfish, less proud, less arrogant.

We, who have already overcome these barriers, forward to you all, messages, scripts and maps of the way forward. But they are leaves in the wind. Few can absorb the teachings, because in order to change, they would have to give up many things in their lives. Who today is willing to leave your home and succor a sufferer? Who is willing to volunteer today? Who today is willing to listen to a fellow sufferer who needs only a friendly shoulder and an attentive ear? Society becomes more and more selfish and lonelier.

We, your Brothers from the Stars, help, come and clarify, but the course of your lives, brethren, it is only up to you to change yourselves. Catastrophes can move hearts. Hunger on Earth cannot unite the nations to overthrow it. Today, there is only union in the military power, in the impositions of the strongest over the weakest. The rulers do not hear the cry of distress that their populations throw and that come to us.

How can you not hear the moans? If we from the Stars perceive the pains of the mothers, we hear the cries of the children, the sorrows of the parents.

Be supportive, following Master Sananda's maxim of doing to others what you would like them to do to you. Only in this way you will be able to free yourself from the chains that bind you to the planets of pain and atonement.

The Light is for you! Fight for your spiritual future.

Hail, Jesus!




GESH – 08/12/2018 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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