Alert to the brothers of humanity


Beloved disciples, peace be with you!

The "World of Caesar" requires extra contributions from those who are immersed in materialism. More and more dependent of comfort and technology, modern man is involved in crimes, passions and vices, gradually losing contact with the higher planes, with the Divinity that sustains life. With an undisciplined mind, empty of superior thoughts, sterile of sublime feelings, men become a puppet of the subverted minds of the Beyond.

What do you do, brethren, with the Sublime Lessons the Light has been bringing to you by sacrifice? Where will you come with such insubordination to the Laws of God?

The heinous crimes and barbarism that devastate your environment, which upset the collectivities, are coordinated by intelligent rebel minds of the Beyond. And there is only one way to free you from suffering, from madness, from chaos: The Divine Script brought by the Being of Light, the Master Jesus. Not in the decoration of the words of the Gospel texts, but in their sincere practice, in the modification of the soul through high moral precepts: "forgiveness, love your neighbor as yourself; do unto the neighbor which ye would like them to do unto you; compassion and mercy of the brethren of humanity, be meek, humble, kind."

The "times have come" and you will not be able to stop the avalanches of the events, in fulfillment of the announced prophecies in all the quadrants of the Earth.

He who is in tune with the Hosts of Light, who seeks to transform himself in the light of the Gospel, keep the mind free from unhealthy thoughts, keep the feelings pure of negativity, have control over speaking and acting, for the uncontrolled mob of the invisible plane will wander from minds that vibrate in their lower frequencies.

Alert the brothers of humanity that the Light of the Higher Plan focuses on you, bringing vibrations of love and hope from the Beings of Light, but you must strive to achieve those Chords of Love that surround them, because it is much easier to reach the lower emissions.

Do not rebel against pain, injustice or misery. Have compassion, self-denial, and love. Forgive always, and work for the perfecting of your being.

The transformations of the Earth are advancing upon you. Take your cross and walk under the aegis of Jesus Christ, to take flight beyond the planet of atonement and trials, reaching the Regeneration Planet.

We are many beings who, in the name of the Christ, walk with you and guide you.

Come, brothers! Jesus, our Master, will sustain you in your deliverance.

May Jesus bless you all!

Hail, Jesus!


Master Ramatis

GESH – 02/03/2019 – Vigil in Jacaraipe

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