For a long time, we have been among you to help you


May the Light that comes from the stars bless this beautiful planet!

Terran brothers, many of us, extraterrestrials, have a share of gratitude for this suffered orb, which housed civilizations and races that today, more evolved, give back in the form of work how much they received in teachings while they were here.

We have long been among you, friends, brothers, family and old disciples of ours, who have accompanied us in part of our evolution. And in response to the call of the High, here we are, in an impartial way and without extreme loves, working for the rise of the Earth and its inhabitants.

However, in our work we sometimes encounter barriers in trying to communicate with incarnates. We look for several Spiritist and Spiritualist houses to facilitate our contact and distribute the alerts to the earthly people. However, we find prejudice and unbelief related to the possibility of beings from other galaxies coming into contact with beings incarnated on Earth.

Men spread fanciful and confusing information about the purpose of our presence among you through the media and entertainment, damaging our contact. However, the Light will not shy away from fulfilling Its programming, for without choosing peoples, cultures, social classes or intellectual levels, we will gradually reach our goal, which is to inform and prepare humanity for the transformations that approach the Earth. And, once the programming is put into practice, there will be no return, nothing will change its course.

In this way, each being in the category chosen, right or left, will face what is due to him, in accordance with his commitment to the planet, to humanity and, particularly, to his group, whether familiar or do not.

Brethren, the stage you are going through is so striking to your spirits that no one will be able to leave the Orb unharmed without first paying their debts to this beautiful planet, for having contributed to transform it into the chaos that we observe today from our ships.

So, no matter the means, our messages will always reach those who need to hear us and it will not be men, still struggling with their imperfections, that will prevent our voices from echoing in human minds and hearts.

Peace from the Stars.


Command Asthar

GESJ – 19/02/2019 – Public Meeting – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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