Man reaps the sowing of imprevidence


Hail, Jesus!

Mary leads us in His love!

When Mary brought us the messages from the High, many did not believe because we were children and known as impressionable. The few who believed were silent by the ecclesiastical authorities, who, when became aware of the message of the Great Mother, realized that it was within the Catholic institution itself that changes should be initiated.

We wanted men to have believed in the messages of Our Mother, so many ailments and many pains would have been avoided.

Jesus, our Master, brought us His messages and was also ignored. And today, men reap the fruits of imprevidence, sown over the centuries.

There is a great load of Kundaline energy influencing minds and leading many to madness. We see this within the House of Peter, the social media and even within families.

This disharmonized energy distorts the good by taking those who stumble their way down the road of Light. When it acts on beings who have not yet defined themselves to the right of Christ, Kundaline energy is harmful. It is so strong that it unleashes cruel fights, violence, injuries and deaths.

The unruly sexual energy is contaminating humanity and covering in red the society that has not yet discovered the force of the Light. That is why today we are seeing barbarically murdered women, cruelly abused children, trade turning to the erotic imaginary.

The astute minds of the lower astral are bringing into matter, again, Sodom and Gomorrah.

Empires have fallen because of this energy and when it reaches the saturation point of human bestiality, without a moral force to contain it, many nations will be destroyed.

The Light holds with its swords most of this energy, but with the presence of Hercolubus, with the rise of beings from the Abyss, the picture that Mother Mary has brought us is being drawn. So when this imbalance reaches its peak, many will ask: Why did God let the situation come to this? Then you will look back, and you will see your participation in the moral debacle of the planet.

This is a wound that is open and only with the final verticalization of the Earth's Axis will be cleaned, sanitized and closed, to receive a humanity on a better level than the one which is here today.

The Light, without interfering with free will, comes into contact with the rulers of nations, to spare the lives of those who yearn to reincarnate and fulfill their spiritual program. However, they are deaf to Their appeals. But we will not kneel down to the imperious and imperfect will of man, The Law of God will always prevail.

Those who feel firm in the path of Light, unite with us, but be aware that whoever is exposed to the attack must be firm in the purpose for which he fights.

Hail, Jesus!

Hail the Light!



GESH – 02/02/2019 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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