The Apocalypse advances fast


Blessed be the Love that unites us around Jesus!

Blessed be the Divine Light that sustains us in our evolutionary trajectory!

Blessed be the union of Sublime Forces that strengthens souls in the enterprise of helping others!

Once opened the lower portals, the mob of ragged, unbalanced and violent spirits goes out in a fast race, in search of their discontents and inferior sensations.

Magnetically, by the Laws that govern Life, these spirits are attracted to their similars, whether they are incarnate or disincarnated, engaging in fierce struggles; and where there is inferior attunement, there will occur the junction of harmful ideals, providing abundant food for the creatures that inhabit the inferior regions.

It is harvest time, a painful harvest of the earthly humanity which, despite the warnings and messages of consolation and hope, of the Sublime appeal of Jesus, Whom brought the script for the transformation of souls, yet the brothers of humanity remain rooted in the addictions and emotional unrest.

However great is the disbelief of the brothers of humanity, the Apocalypse is advancing in an accelerated way.

The beings who work in the name of God, forming the army of the Light, are closer to you. They seek to help you at all times, but few reach the high tune to draw the Light emanating from the Divine Army.

Brethren, surrender your spirits to the harvest of Good by releasing you into a restful sleep, for the labors to assist incarnated humanity on the invisible plane are intense. Many brothers who have lost their lives in the catastrophes that unfolded in your physical panorama are led to the friendly help in varying degrees of merit, and only a few incarnate spirits help in this work of relief, care and awakening of the brothers who have recently been separated from the physical body. These are tasks that the incarnated ones cannot accomplish by the indiscipline of their spirits to surrender to the work in the moments of sleep.

Therefore, those who awaken and consciously project to the spirit plane, with the activated will and in connection with the Forces of Light, are used for the rescue work of the Earth brothers.

Those who, by merit, are sent to the Intraterrestrial Cities, count on your help in their awakening, still with the confused mind. It is you, incarnated brothers, who help the Superior Brothers to lead them to the Intraterrestrial Cities. It is a task that few can do, for most incarnates do not believe in Extraterrestrial and Intrauterine brethren and are frightened when they encounter some of these Superior Brothers during tasks on the spiritual plane, returning startled to the physical body.

The tragedies, the bitter struggles and the grinding of teeth are in geometric progression, as the planet has accelerated its movements on the way to the new dimension.

Renew your faith, courage, and trust in the designs of God.

Who speaks to you is Nefertiti, your sister.

Tasks increase and as the expiatory trials advance, the number of incarnates working in the name of Christ is reduced. All of you, brothers of humanity, are subject to the Rectifying Laws of Life and many have deserted before the final proofs.

Forward, warriors, servants of Jesus, for the fulfillment of God's designs for your release.

Hail, Jesus!

Hail, the Light that guides us!



GESH – 02/03/2019 – Vigil in Jacaraipe – Serra, ES – Brasil

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