The Transition follows its path


Hail the Planetary Christ!

Hail the earth’s ruler, the enlightened Jesus!

When the Planetary Transition start date was determined by the Supreme Govern, we detailed the work and fulfilled the schedule. And so, the Earth walks the expected path from its Spiritual Leaders.

The Wars, riots, emotional turmoil and moral decadence are typical attitudes from people that, defeated in their own mind, by its own attitudes,  self elect to the "end of times" suffering.

The mass disincarnation will hit even larger proportions and will occur simultaneously at several places on earth. Many reincarnating spirits are already aware that they will be a part of these events.

In these times people who have, in their karmic records, commitment to humanity, for having responsibility on suffering and injustice inflicted on a large number of people, when were leaders and, possessing power, determined suffering and death of a group of people.

Young spirits are also inserted in this context, because they’ve participated in recent wars in the history of this humanity and, due to their great commitment to the Divine Laws, they pleaded to go through the same pain they’ve inflicted their brothers, as their consciousness relief.

Unfortunately, not all incarnated Lightworkers can help the rescue teams, in the aid of souls suffering from catastrophes, for the picture found in these events is one of such great sadness and destruction that those who are not prepared to experience these facts may enter into states of madness, deep sadness and depression, being driven to abstain from material life, and may culminate in suicides.

If they disobey, there’s nothing we can do but forward them to the Hosts of Light, so they decide if the incarnated should be withdrawn immediately from the place so there’s no more damage to their incarnation. We know their actions aim to help, but without the due preparation, they bring great worries to the rescue teams.

More and more we’re looking, at the expense of a lot of work, to gather the souls that must go through collective disincarnation.

Today, the ones that foment wars, take pleasure in wealth, luxure, at the expense of a suffering people, will also have their moment, in future existences, at the same level of pain they’ve inflicted to their brothers.

To aid the combat to these catastrophes, unleashes in the astral plane, there’s an energy so strong, so violent, that dissolves the suicidal, painful and revoltful thought forms and sometimes even undermine the plans of Nations Dirigents in the physical plane, for this force is so superior that deflect and dominate their thoughts, although the humanities unbalance contributions to feed these deflections.

These are some of the reasons why the big physical catastrophes are being unleashed simultaneously all over the planet: so that it can be possible to interrupt the deleterious thought flow that form a contention wall, that inhibits the approach of the Light force. Each lightning, landslide, earthquake, hurricane, each catastrophe is like an explosion on the astral plane, breaking down these barriers.

Humanity has not yet understood the strength that the thought has and, because of it, puts itself to the will of specializes beings in this kind of manipulation, that happens through music, behaviour, everything that society uses indiscriminately in it’s “favour” but, in fact, it causes great harm, cunningly manipulated by shadow beings.

When people say that good and evil walk side by side, it is a truth that only applies to the  pain and atonement planets, like the earth is today.

All of you, that search the Planetary Christ and the Master Jesus as your example, join us, in the defense of the House that shelters you, for you’ll all be very important at the approaching “three days of darkness”.

If today the moral decadence and chaos take over in a controlled way, imagine at the “three days of darkness”, when the current earthly society laws won’t be able to control the chaos that will take over.

Be prepared for what is coming, because it's coming the moment were there’ll be no more barriers and the Darkness will materialize in the physical plane. Only those who prepared will get through this phase, not unscathed, but confident that God, the Planetary Christ and Master Jesus guide each and everyone.

May the Light be among you!



Extraterrestrial from Ashtar Command

GESH – 08/02/2019 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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