Keep working in the name of the Light


Hail Jesus!

Hail the Force!

Hail the Light!

The Light always brings opportunity and condition for those good will brothers who are willing to serve.

We shelter [1] willingly your coming, sisters, to the Intraterrestrial City of Stelta.

So that you can come to our city, there are no hamper or barriers, as long as your hearts and minds are involved in this purpose. We value your sacrifices, your renunciation for being apart from your families, in a sunny or rainy day. To the Light, there will always be the joy of reunion.

To those who want to serve and are determined to work, there is no need for invitations, for the doors are always open for those who work and inhabit the Light.

We do not count your available days and hours to join us because we were, through the years, meeting in the astral plane, although we know the difficulties and barriers so you can be together in the physical plane. It doesn’t matter how many days you’re with us,but only that all of you predispose to fulfil your tasks willingly.

When this group meets there are no barriers for us, because we know your good intentions. If each year, the karmas, violent interactions and harmful encounters increase, so do the souls that, in the physical plane are willing to work. Although there are many leftist, know that the messages from the High are directed to them, so they change their lives course.

We do not count the number of rightist. If there’s just one working in the name of the Light we’ll be, giving all support so that this person can develop our work in the physical plane. The messages taken to you when in Stelta have a large coverage in your world, reaching small and large cities in all continents. You do not imagine how these seeds, thrown in seemingly arid soil, but willing to germinate in all people, flourish.

Keep on working in the name of the Light, because the seeds that flow through the wind will always find a heart to flourish.

May the Light be with us and Master Jesus’ Peace be present in today’s encounter.

Orcadim among you!



Intraterrestrial from Okay city

GESH – 19/01/2019 – Serra, ES – Brasil


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