Go on warriors! The Battle continues inciting!


Hail the Light! Hail the Divine Master Jesus!

May Peace be in all planetary quadrants!

May Peace also be in your hearts!

Warriors of Light, the war declared from Dark Forces against the Forces of Light continues inciting!

As Hercolubus gets closer and closer to the  Earth, the bestial creature from its millennial tomb toward the terrestrial humanity, overflowing its deadly negativity, contaminating the hearts that remained rooted in hatred, revenge, pride and in in selfishness dragging crowds with them.

You as Rightists must exert larger to move forward. It means greater commitment to the development of faith and materialization of Christ's ideals in your souls.

Go on, warriors! It is hard the battle to defeat the Dark Beings.

Do not think you brothers that by taking the sword of light you can remain in the comfort of your houses! The fight is uninterrupted and you will have no rest. It demands constant mental vigilance because the enemy knows how and when to act.

The conquest of evolution demands battles and larger efforts to protect you from the systematic and violent attacks of dark beings.

We guarantee protection and our presence with you!

We guarantee you spiritual work able to ascend your soul to higher planes.

Fights more and more you may face until your bodies fall inert at the end of the earthly path.

Go on warriors!

We hope the discouragement never find shelter in your hearts and minds!

If the bale becomes heavy, prayer is the resource to refresh the soul to the Light of Divine Master Jesus who walks with you, sustaining all creatures in the earthly struggle.

If the obstacles increase, prayer is the supreme resource to you ascend.

If enemies hurt your sensitive soul, prayer is the greatest resource you have to find the Source of Light able to heal the wounds and strengthens the soul.

Forward! Swords and shields lifted ready to be drawn by the war without rest until the first rays of the New Age appear  on the horizon.

May Peace be in all planetary quadrants!

May Peace also be in your hearts!

Greetings from your Commander,


Commander Ashtar Sheran

GESH - 05/25/2019 - Vigil ASJ - Vila Velha, ES – Brazil.

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