Remove the veil from your minds


Beloved children of my Father!

I came to fulfill the God's Laws on earth! I did not come to confront the human laws; because, they themselves follow them.

As I had promised, here I am among you, and my presence, as before, my earthly brothers do not recognize me. They await miracles and my materialization on the physical plane.

Beloved children and brothers!

Remove the veil of ignorance covering your minds.

You live in a world invaded by dreadful darkness, which you can illuminate it, just by igniting the “Flame of Love” in yourself  for then to illuminate around you with the practice of love, goodwill, and forgiveness of offenses.

Love your neighbor, as yourselves. Put into practice the Lessons I left to you to change the current chaos.

Do not wait my physical presence with you on the physical plane. First, feel me in your soul, because I am there!

I know of your intentions and desires and I feel repelled by you, since it is not enough, beloved brothers to say that you are followers of mine! It is not enough to recite memorized sentences of what I supposedly said!

Christian is the one who truly believes on me and practices the lessons I brought, not sent by me, but by God Father.

I am the way, the truth and life!

Come to me, beloved brothers with your souls full with love. Do not stop in hate, resentment, given the injuries you receive at this time. You must face the painful trials in order to reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

I am with you forever and ever!

I am your Brother, Guide and Major Tutor!


Master Jesus

GESH - 06/21/2019 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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