Do not be frightened about the Future


After the clairvoyance about the horrors of war and death, I can see one Extraterrestrial and myself in a spaceship.

The spaceship dives into the sea inwards and we travel until the deep ocean. In the bottoms of the sea, there is a spaceships gathering many sea animals and then sent to other planets.

After the removal of the sea animals, I see in a very real picture, the very rough sea forming gigantic waves, until one of these highest waves collapsing in some country, destroying everything. In a striking reality, I saw people running desperately and some of them swallowed by the water devastating everything. We were saddened before those the scenes of destruction seen in the astral trip.

Then, I felt the loving presence of beloved Jesus who told us:


Beloved children of my Father!

Do not be frightened by the painful pictures projected for the future.

This humanity does not live already moments of horror and madness that did not make the creatures into meek and humble. Is not it?

Has resignation and faith inhabited the hearts of crowds that see themselves pressed by injustices of human laws?

The answer is not, my children!

Our human brothers more and more are immersed into ignominy, rebellion, hatred.

Revolt inhabits their hearts!

Love one another and love yourselves, as God Father loves you!

Come to me and I will lighten your bale with my gentle yoke!



GESH - 06/22/2019 - Vitória, ES - Brazil

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