Humanity suffers in ignorance


Master Jesus, here we are before your presence, drawing strength from your loving heart. We ask for the humanity that still suffers ignoring your word, not understanding your messages, and causing suffering to other brothers!

Before your loving Presence, at this moment, we beg you to guide us through the roads of fear and pain, cultivated by ourselves still ignorant of the Supreme Love.

Give us strength to penetrate in the darkest corners for finding the most abandoned brothers  hungry for bread and justice.

Touch the hearts of those commanders of crowds.

Have mercy of the women in the education of their children.

Give strength to parents put their children on the path of love, goodwill, and responsibility, as the moral values you taught us.

Have mercy for those that cry tears of separation such as parents who lose their children, brothers and friends who separate.

Before your loving Presence, we all give you thanks and in your love, we seek strength to continue following the road back to your house.

We ourselves built the barriers and thorns, since we are still very ignorant of your Lessons. Nevertheless, the little already achieved opens, before those who long for peace, a world never before imagined and within our reach.

Dear Master Jesus! You have taught us that through the practice of forgiveness and love to the neighbor, the Father would deny nothing to us.

Today the Planet Earth faces times of war, famine and injustice, but as you said, whoever wants to break this barrier, "take up your cross and follow me." On the cross are written love, responsibility, willpower, self-denial, goodwill, forgiveness, understanding, patience and tolerance.

This is the cross we shall carry, sure that  no suffering is in vain.

We work in your name, Master Jesus, and pledge ourselves before your presence that while having  a sufferer on earth, we will be there helping, like Cyrenian supported you in that moment of pain.

May your Light guide and strengthen us!

Blessed is Jesus! Hail the Light!

We are Franciscans, working on your behalf, Master Jesus.



GESH - 06/22/2019 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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