We are many to guide you!


Dear earthly Brothers, until when will your pride prevent you from seeing how insignificant the planet, in which you inhabit is? It is just a fragment of sand in the immensity of God's universe.

The dense barriers put in your ways do not prevent the Creator Laws of Life from reaching you.

Denying the reality of life in other orbs does not cease life outside the earth.

Denying light to those who live immersed in darkness represents only the degree of backwardness and ignorance of some beings.

Join you earthly brothers, around the Light of the Divine Planetary Governor Jesus and Beings of Light who guide you. They are your older brothers from other spheres, galaxies, and other worlds, unknown to your limited minds that neither understand nor accept; and see nothing beyond what the narrow senses present to you.

Join with other brothers that inhabit the interior of this beautiful planet, intraterrestrial brothers, whose humanity have advanced and transformed dramatically. Join you by the force of Love in favor of the Planet Earth with its inhabitants. The Evolved Beings cannot reach your mental core, earthly humanity, because of the barriers you have raised within you; they prevent you from seeing daily the obvious massive presence of beings from other galaxies.

Where will you go with such ignorance and moral backwardness? We answer you, brothers: you will once again reach the planetary exile, not as divine punishment, but by God's mercy, giving you opportunity in planets compatible with your ignorance and spiritual backwardness.

Wake up, brothers! The earth is changing, and independently of your aggressive actions, it renews itself into a new higher dimension, far from the suffering and pain it faces today. You will feel the suffering that comes from your planetary transformation, due to your fragile physical life, your limited intellect, and without strength before this nature changing.

Modify your action, cease wars, hatred, and evil. The Apocalypse approaches and you neither can contain nor give up the planetary purification process.

Wake up brothers!

We are many brothers here not to judge you. We are only instruments of higher forces and Hierarchies planning and leading the worlds in this universe of God.

The time has come for renewal, forgiveness of offenses, and to love the neighbor! It is time for the forces that rule earthly humanity to unite for the benefit of life on earth.

Jesus is the only source from which you can get the food to sustain you in times of pain. Pain is the healthy remedy able to renewal your souls and then to inhabit the Earth of Regeneration.

May Jesus, Governor of the Earth bless you!

I am Tuela with you.

We are many to guide you!


Intraterrestrial friend Tuela

GESH - 07/26/2019 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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