Help for needy brothers


Clairvoyance:  While singing the mantra, I saw few people climbing up the Wesak Holy Mountain, as I had seen before.

At the top of the mountain were the GWUB (Great White Universal Brotherhood) Masters.

After a short prayer, they went down with their evolved disciples and others Beings of Light to regions of the planet where their incarnate disciples were, forming aid caravans going to various regions of the Abyss. On the surface, they went to regions of war, famine, violence, gathering the insane spirits and enemies of the Light that incite the multitude to hatred and revenge.

Masters linked to the East formed groups toward Syria, Iraq, North Korea and China as far as the concentration camps and places where there are terrorist groups. Likewise, the Western-linked Masters went mainly toward Brazil, regions dominated by drug trafficking and prisons. They also went to Venezuela and countries in Europe where there are conflicts.

In those places of the planet where collective deaths occurred due to disasters, I saw many rescuers taking advantage of the Light from the Wesak Festival to intensify the rescue and help to the Spirits of Light going down the Mountain.

The Instructor that accompanied us said that many of these Spirits of Light were not from Earth but from other planets. They accepted the Masters' call and offered themselves to compose the Aid Teams for service in the Suicide Valley, in the Drugged Valley, in the Aborted Valley, and for the rescue of prisoners in Dragon Towns and Reptilian Caves.

They are releasing many spirits from prisons, castles, caves, and swamps to surface under higher permission.

There were many Extraterrestrials and Intraterrestrial space ships performing rescue and help while crossing the beautiful sky.


GESH - 05/18/2019 - Wesak Festival - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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