Prophecies are fulfilled


Clairvoyance: I see a big glass with a clear liquid in it. I see it by the upside and I dive in it. The liquid becomes dark and then becomes smoke.

I can see awful scenes.

I have seen a place where babies were burned and dead. In panic, I left that place I saw myself in a city destroyed with many bombs falling on the ground. I also have seen mutilated human bodies everywhere.

I heard the words: Middle East.

Then I have seen a mountain and as I approached it, I saw an erupting volcano that destroyed the country Italy.

The volcano lava runs through several cities, including Rome, where I saw the lava leaving from culverts toward the streets.

The lower part of the country was destroyed.

Then I heard the following words:


The prophecies are fulfilled as determined by the human actions. All over the Planet, still have fear, hunger, misery and so much violence.

The Oasis of Light may survive.



GESH - 06/22/2019 - Vitoria, ES - Brazil


Note: After Nostradamus's words, I mentally heard someone reciting the prayer: Evocating Forces of Good by Alice Bayle.

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