Help and protect the sufferers from Beyond Grave!


May Peace and kindness be in your hearts!

We are brothers from physical and spiritual plane of this House (GESJ), in the assistance, help and support for sufferers from Beyond Grave!

Thousands of desperate souls, victims of violent and collective deaths planned for this hour, have arrived on the spiritual plane. Moreover, with the chaos increasing on the physical plane, this number may increase in a scheduled and predicted for the Apocalypse.

You who are Servants of Lord in the awakening of disembodied spirits, prepare yourselves even more to attend to the desperate and unbalanced brothers from the invisible plane who come to you in works of  

Disobsession. Welcome the suffering beings m with fraternal word so that their minds may return to the balance; light able to remove the darkness involving them.

Welcome them with brotherhood and love in the name of Jesus, for only then will awaken the sleeping consciences to the Light, ignorant of their real situation of cocoon-free spirits, prisoners of crimes against their neighbors, trapped in mental cliches of hatred and revenge, pain and suffering

Welcome the needy spirit in the mediumship sessions with love and charity, pouring from you the loving cup of goodwill with Jesus.

May Jesus bless your efforts!

Be you on Peace and love!



GESH - 08/31/2019 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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