Do not create obstacles to Spiritual Work


May Peace and love be more and more with us!

The greater the detachment achieved in moments of concentration, the greater will be the performance on collective tasks and more benefits for us in the completion of the work.

Beloved disciples, you who share with us the most important goals of enlightenment and help to this earthly humanity, we hope your spirits may react to the inertia and vain attachments! Do not stop your steps without study and spiritual transformation, justifying your stagnation by the current difficulties.

You had your karmic plan fully planned studied, as well as the earthly journey planned according to the needs of this moment, to let your spirits free from the Planets of atonement and trials, reaching dimensions beyond the suffering of the third dimension.

Your destiny is in your hands! Use the precious hours you still have on earth in beneficial practices for yourself and others, in smoothing the rough edges that still hinder your monads for spiritual ascension.

If the difficulties multiply, the help provided by friendly spirituality is also greater, according to the each one´s deserve.

Guides, tutors and friends whom you have conquered spiritually with your work in the vineyard of Jesus, they support, lead and enlighten you now.

Beloved Children, do not create imaginary obstacles to hinder your spiritual work!

As we already said, you have chosen the task on earth for your quickest advance, as well as you have chosen the Spiritist House for that moment. Do not let anything break you in fulfilling your spiritual tasks with joy and love, since there is no imposition on our part. We just clarify that the fall of a worker at this moment demands another cycle of compulsory labor on backward planets.

Maya charges everyone!

Material illusion increases in pressure for the incarnate being to keep him busy, oblivious to the immortal spirit that wants to abandon suffering and to reach happier dimensions.

Oppression, violence and material appeals contribute to trap the creatures in illusion, oblivious of themselves without  practicing the evangelical lessons, ignoring the appeals of the higher planes for own regeneration.

The Apocalyptic times advances, regardless of the credulity of humans!

Take advantage of the current blessed opportunities, while you still can move freely on the streets, because accelerated are the consequences of your actions on the planetary transformation.

Those who are familiar with our messages, they know that we want to enlighten you against the shocks, which you are already experiencing in the planetary transition.

All inhabitants on earth somehow face pain, suffering, and struggles. He, who seeks own renewal, developing faith and trust in the Father's designs; he, who seeks to change shadows into Light; he, who forgives and loves his neighbor as himself, in an attempt to come closer and deserve a Better World, he is  not free from trials, but may face them with more resources, courage, love and faith.

We cannot cancel the planning you made for this turbulent hour, given you have often failed before, and this is the time to the Spirit´s victory.

Many people often ask why extraterrestrial spaceships do not materialize themselves more intensely, as the Apocalypse process advances.

It is not the time yet, we answer. Only the Father knows it.

However, the interplanetary and intraterrestrial beings are neither absent nor far from you. On the contrary, in the sacrifice of their generous souls let dirt their garments while reaching the earth's deepest dimension to assist you. They all are working with Evolved Spirits assisting, helping, supporting and enlightening you in cleaning the Planetary House from such negativity as you have thrown on it. This way, they seek to keep a minimum balance of the planet to complete its transformative cycle.

The Planet Earth moans, cries while humans ignore its sufferings. From humanity itself, shouts of pain and suffering echo, while you ignore the lament of your earthly brothers. Even hearing them crying, you turn your back to them, abandoning those who suffer.

Referred to what you do, there is a plan outlined by God, fulfilled by Spirits of the highest sidereal hierarchy, which provides help to you, needy brothers on earth.

We remain guiding, supporting and enlightening you, since we do not want your suffering.

We do everything because of infinite Love we feel for you, thus wishing that your souls may reach the Higher Spheres of Light, Peace, Love and Fraternity.

We greet you in the name of the Light leaving you on Love and Peace!

I am Ramatis with you.


Master Ramatis

GESH - 08/31/2019 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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