It is time of Planetary Transition!


The current difficult events take place so that Planet Earth fulfills its ultimate goal of Planetary Transition.

The increasingly violent society shows the elected scenario for the Doomsday. The increasingly bellicose social, human, and family relationships may become a common conduct on the planet.

Compulsory incarnations are supplanting others from beings able to schedule their harmonious and orderly readjustment coming. By the way, accelerated is the reincarnation for their final rescue of the most indebted spirits for their final rescue.

The inferior astral with its opened doors facilitates increasingly the antagonistic encounters. Subtler is the barrier separating the enemies of the past and the ones of the physical world.

Wars, violent deaths, revenge and everything inferior are not choices from Superior Spirituality to break out among brothers of humanity at this time. However, giving free course to the “ends of times”, we know of these natural events during the planetary transition on the third dimension planets.

In this way, these spirits have the opportunity to drain part of the high toxic burden brought in their astral bodies, so that when exiled, they land lighter in their New House, being able to inhabit a body and continue their spiritual evolution.

The Planet Earth has already lived in times like this, with sexual deregulation becoming so common that it no longer causes astonishment among  inhabitants; where corruption do not permit  the underprivileged beings, a dignified life and no longer causes indignation to society; where corrupt authorities increasingly distance themselves from people they should  lead, guide, and give support.

By observing the history of humanity, we realize that these reported facts have occurred in the past.

However, the difference today is these occurrences are no longer isolated. This type of behavior, due to compulsory incarnations becomes common in the whole Planet. And so, when the Superior Spirituality say “it is enough”, the three days of darkness will come for the  humanity to experience a more painful period, when hunger, disease and violence may become epidemic all over the planet, until the verticalization of the earth´s axis.

Do not think, earthly brothers that everything occurs at own human will, or decide the future of the planet, or the Beasts ‘Army dominates the Earth. There is indeed a Superior Command under the Planetary Governor, Master Sananda, guiding and leading His Vineyard.  If there is not chaos established yet, it is because this Command exists. If the Earth had been in the hands of dark beings, Reptilians or Beast, for lack of rules of conduct and responsibility, they would have imploded this Orb long ago.

Be strong and confident those who believe in the Master's words. Only those who have a firm faith in the Hosts of Light stay safe on the path.

May the peace of Master Sananda be with us! May the Earth stand firm despite the violence it suffers!

Blessed is Jesus!


Orion Command

GESH - 07/12/2019 - Vitória, ES - Brazil

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