From the stars, we send the alerts!


May the Light of the Planetary Christ be with you, earthly brothers!

Brothers in evolution, why do you persist in attitudes able to bring you pain and suffering?

Do not you feel within you, the sweet invitation to compose the Army of Light that will lead you to places where disharmony, prejudice, revenge, hatred and indifference do not reign?

We have been with you for millennia along of your evolutionary path, but slow progress we can see in your lives!

Sometimes, we notice your hearts closed to our touch of love inviting you to inner transformation.

There are many invitations of regeneration sent by the enlightened minds of the universe. Thence, we ask you to resist, with all your strength to the Beast´s subtle and engaging call. She knows deeply on human weaknesses and offers facilities and victories that certainly you are not yet ready to receive.

There are numerous promises offered by the Beast always involving comfort, material goods, power, advantages, dominions, inflated ego, always being available to those who live their painful karmas.

He, who mentally connect to the Beast, he becomes its prisoner for years, centuries or millennia. However, the time for waking up from the hypnotic sleep, which you voluntarily accepted will always depend on yourselves.

Brothers bear in mind that on the astral plane, the situation will be worse when you realize how foolish the promises of easy living were, tears bring no comfort, after realized that the material gifts you received from the Beast only increased the weight that you would alleviate when received the opportunity to reincarnate. In fact, the Beast has achieved what was hidden in your soul and exposed your weaknesses.

The future that awaits those who live in search of facilities may bring much more pain, suffering and sadness when realizing they could have prevented the fall but preferred the wide door.

From the stars, we send the alerts. We donate Love through the messages received from Messengers of the Master of Light, as an addition of mercy from the Planetary Governor, who abundantly shares knowledge, through the Houses of Light, to those who look for knowledge.

Therefore, even though the Earth today is experiencing the worst phase of the Planetary Transition, the Planet does not belong to the Beast. This Planet has one Governor, Master Sananda who is the Messenger of the Planetary Christ.

There is not a part of the universe, or children of God Father, devoid of love and forgiveness.

These unfortunate brothers are not owners of nobody´s life or any planetary house. In Planets of atonement and trials, such as the Planet Earth, the affinity of respective inhabitants with inferior beings is still dominant, since the weak ones seeking to escape and illusory things because of their responsibilities and ignoble acts they perform.

Everything is Light in the Creation!

The shadow involving the earthly population is transitory and necessary for them to choose between Darkness and Light, left and right. In this way, the humanity has the opportunity to advance in the Light or park in the Darkness.

The Beast cannot command those beings strengthened in the Light, nor the programming of this Orb. In fact, the Beast is a sick soul with pride and passions surround her spark of Light that will one day shine, bringing with herself, thousands of souls that followed her in the illusory plane of power, in the orbs she had traveled through.

You are all Divine Creations! Let the spark of Light shine, instead of highlighting the shadow of inferiority shortly covering it.

We are Light! We are Sparks illuminating the universe!


Ananda Luz, Extraterrestrial from Planet Venus.

GESJ - 06/04/2019 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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