Victory of yours is ours too!


Beloved children!

Dear disciples of my heart!

It is over, this stage of fights and confrontations on the invisible plane, when your bellicose spirits, in tune with the Army of Jesus fought against the "bestial creatures."

Victory of Light is the victory of your souls!

Victory of yours is ours too!

The Great Earth Plan in progress requires efforts of those who wish to elevate their souls toward a New Age, following a new order of Pace and Fraternity.

You should long for progress, in facing the challenges of the matter, conditioning your souls to higher vibrations, through the development of the forgotten spiritual talents.

You no longer are primary spirits! You are souls who have attained sufficient insights to reach new dimensions and more evolved planets.

Get you rid of ties connecting you to the past of guilt! It is time of enlightening! You have the resources to move forward! Do not break your steps through suffering or earthly struggles. Allow that your spirits advance in this time of "planetary transition!"

I greet you with my love.

Jesus is the Greater Support to elevate you to the Land of Regeneration.

I am Master Ramatis with you never and forever!

Battles  are arduous but necessary to let the Spirit free!

Blessed is Jesus!


Master Ramatis

GESJ - 08/21/2019 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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