During the weekly emission of aid to the African continent, I incorporated the spirit of a woman who was still very weak, possibly disembodied by starvation.

The GESJ Rescue Team brought that Spirit as far as our mediumistic meeting. He had almost no reaction, as weak as her astral body or perispirit was.

As the Spirit remained incorporated, the electrical system of my physical brain transmitted to him, impulses like little shocks that gradually stimulated and animated that astral body. The same process occurred with two starving children hugging the woman´s spirit and died under the same conditions. They were a baby and a 7-8 years boy, difficult to get his age, because he was thin and upset by pain. Like his family, he had starved to death.

Then, in astral body, I flew over Africa, which center seemed illuminated by a powerful holophote. Some scenes stood out and I could see in the southern region a lot of hunger and drought, very thin, malnourished people starving for lack of food.

In the African continent´s center, I saw natives living in villages in a complete misery. The vegetation in these parts was almost dry, rare, and men were very thin. That scenario of poverty let me very sad.

In the northeast, I have seen some green mountains, and dense forest in some points. I also had seen a small airplane landing on a narrow runway that seemed to be clandestine runways. From it came down some men who would negotiate with local people "white gold" (cocaine) to the Italian mafia. At that moment, on my mental screen, Italy appeared linked to that region. At the same time, I saw natives enslaved in the work of planting large areas of forbidden herbs for drug manufacture.

Then, I received the following message:


On earth, fewer men can withstand the corruption of the "white gold." Avoid it at all costs, when someone comes in a soft voice, "foolish" to temptation.

It is very difficult to recognize such weakness and so much inhumanity.

The earthly man ignores his brother because of a few velvety couches, bluish pool mansions, brand-new cars and money.

The richest ones bathe in fresh water, while their former brothers suffer horrors of thirst and hunger. Not even became employees, because of their weak state.

Hunger plagues the world, but greater starvation reveals itself in the malnourished and weak human souls of Divine Food that nourishes and keeps the soul alive.

It is my song of sadness! With pain, I hear the lamentations! ...

Little we can do little, but we do it with courage, faith and confidence. Divine Providence will surely multiply the loaves and fishes we wish to share with our brothers.

Be you on Peace, Strength and Light.

Let us walk with Jesus!


Zambi, African warrior, GESH - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.


Note: Message taken from the book: The Declined ones and their Trajectory on Earth - Vol. II - GESJ

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