I am the Flame of Love that never goes out!


Clairvoyance: at the end of the mantra, through the Light, the Venerable Mary, mother of Jesus directed us to the Sacred Mountain toward the magnificent Festival of Wesak.

After arriving there, each one stood on the step compatible with his/her vibration.

The scenery was so beautiful!

Then I heard the sublime words:


Brothers, I speak to your hearts.

See inside you, where I have been forever and ever.

You thought to be lost in the darkness, but I am therein within you.

I am the Flame of Love that never goes out! I am always illuminating your steps, even when you only can see darkness.

The plagues that have been invading this humanity, they did not leave from the Heart of the Most Holy Father who loves you.

They were your wrong actions; sordid desires you welcome; and lack of love in your cold hearts that caused all the storms.

You have started the "gnashing of teeth" and we cannot stop the inevitable suffering coming to you.

We recommend you, tormented children of My Father, to elevate the eyes to the High and knelt down redeem your mistakes so that you may remain on earth.

Do not lose yourselves once more, because on the distant region to which you will be thrown, harder it will be to you feel My Presence.

I am for you; who will be against you?


Sananda, GESH - May 2, 2007 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.


Note: Message taken from Divulgation nr. 44

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