The Way of true Liberation!


Come to me, my little ones!

You have walked all over the earth and wherever you have been, you only found suffering and pain.

This was not the lesson I taught you, but busy with your own business, too little you devoted to your neighbor.

There is only one way to true liberation, which is to love one's neighbor as oneself.

The images here registered by your contrite eyes and hearts (refer to the poverty of the village) spread throughout the Earth and cause in many of you, similar reactions of indignation and revolt against their own condition.

Many brothers feel nothing; they believe that other brothers must solve so many problems.

Shouts of revolt and indignation are useless.

Only a great plan can sanitize this planet by removing the weeds that use the earthly fertile soil, without, however, generating good fruits able to grant health and food.

Brothers, soon the Father´s hand will be on earth, gathering the unfortunate deserters of Light leading them to a place compatible with their own condition and this Planet will no longer be as before.

New seeds will grow producing good fruits, and I will be with full time, welcoming you among those brothers of pure in heart, supporting protecting you from all evil.

Keep your faith in God Father who supports you all and follow your path, until your eyes can see beautiful images and your hearts register all the Love vibrating in the Universe.


Jesus Sananda, GESH - 10/11/2000 – Xavante Village, MT – Brazil.


Note: Message taken from Divulgation nr. 26

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