We are Exiled Beings


Beloved brothers,

Here I am bringing you as an offering of Light, the certainty that you are with Jesus and He is with you.

Thousands of years have gone, and since then you are making progress on terrestrial surface. The dedicated following up from ours to you since that time, it  begins to reveal now, as the first signs of change, since we brought you here, exiled from other worlds.

Contrary to what many people may think, not only from Chapel, as you call it, but also came from other worlds came fallen beings, bearers of evolved intelligence, but still weak in morals and love aspects.

Many spirits left behind families and dear ones that were not enough to prevent them from falling.

Again, this humanity is preparing for new cleansing and planetary transfer. Many of the current fallen spirits may find themselves in new planets together with other fallen beings already brought from similar worlds. At this time, however, there will not be as much mixing as we did on this Planet.

We will have together beings of similar vibrational tone.

In these cases, the contacts among dear ones distanced by vibrational level will only occur in the astral body, while sleeping, among those weakened by harsh battles that may take place.  In exile, far from love, they may reflect and seek God, Source of Infinite Love.

Greater than moral exile and vibratory descent, the voluntary isolation of these souls may represent for each of them, painful, long, and obligatory journey toward progress.

Become you all messengers of Light for those who still fear or have doubts. Through faith and trust in Divine Justice, they gain the right or merit to become Rightists of God Father.

Exile  in the current scenario with beings committing mistakes or already fallen represent trials infinitely more painful than the current human mind can imagine.

Here I am speaking and bringing to you these wise words in the name of Master Jesus.

I leave you on Peace. Here is humbly greeting you, this Vice-command Ashtar Sheran, servant and friend of yours.


Setun Shenar,

GESH - Psychography - 02/09/2001 - Vitória / ES, Brazil


Note: Taking advantage of the revelation above given above by Brother Setun Shenar on Fallen Spirits, we insert here a question we asked Commander Yuri in another situation but referred to the subject.


 Margarida:  Why do we like our brothers Xavant Indians so much? Is it due to their relation to the intraterrestrial Letha City, or some previous incarnation we had as indigenous?

Yuri: The fallen beings living in this planet seeking own purification; first went through certain stages, as collectivity.

The Egyptian pharaohs, and when we refer to them, we always point out individualities following different paths, but for the most part, the pharaohs of Egypt to which group you belonged, once again, they join after a long spiritual journey, as an indigenous collective reincarnated in this, which is today, your country. Just as you were together at that time in ancient Egypt, you were also gathered here as indigenous. From there comes the vague memories translated into the affinity manifested in contact with that Xavant people.

Margarida: Thank you Brother for giving us this revelation. We feel a great affection for those little brothers with whom we made contact and friendship.

Yuri: We recommend you always to register and have the questions with you for to clarify them whenever possible with us, because given the extreme increasing density on your Planet, the projection of our messages becomes increasingly laborious with waste of energy.

Margarida:  You recommend it for better communication. Is not it?

Yuri: Yes. I leave you immersed in Peace.


Commander Yuri.


Note: Message taken from divulgation nr. 28

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