Emergency Plan


It is good, in fact, to hold no doubt. You have correctly understood, when we affirmed to have an emergency plan designed to collect and remove from your orb, all those who do not deserve to cross the valley of death, with such violence and destructive impact. As you know, we have enough Science and Technology to postpone, avoiding disaster in these proportions, even because our presence intends not only to protect men from themselves but also to safeguard the fundamental balance of sustaining forces of your solar system in the galaxy where is located.

However, free will exists and if, in an unforeseen act, an unfortunate creature taken by evil and perverse force dares destruction, we will know at once. This may free us from our commitment with the Universal Great White Fraternity and guide us toward self-preservation.

We will depart in retreat, taking with us all those who, spiritually evolved, are able to disconnect quickly from the matter. Those who remain will weigh with intensity the strength of lower instincts, which will lead them to a very painful end.

It is not what we want and plan for you, nor what the Father wants. We will do everything to prevent such a collapse, since many cycles will be needed to rebuild what is lost. Nevertheless, you must know that this possibility exists, because the incarnate spirits have been sheltering the darkness in their hearts and the madness spreads over planet Earth.

Q “So you will come to the rescue?"

A: “Our emergency plan provides immediate help to all creatures in tune with us. We monitor each of our planet’s billions of inhabitants and has a sidereal identity established from a vibratory pattern.

Those who have already reached the minimum required for a new life are closely monitored. The vast majority that has not yet reached it are encouraged by the Law of Karma and our interference, whenever possible, during the day and night, sleeping, in order to raise their vibratory tone.

To collect them is therefore an easy task for us already prepared to do so. Difficult is to raise the vibrational tone of creatures so primary still believing they are the only inhabitants of the universe.


Intraterrestrial Abur

GESH - 11/30/2002 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.


Spiritual Medium´s words:

I saw accelerated the Law of Karma through individual and collective events of various natures by means of images right against me. They all had a kind of medical recorder where noted down the little advances in spiritual health. They had a device that resembled an electroencephalogram monitoring our vibratory tone and the results shown on a screen.

Q:  "Is this emergency plan part of the larger plan of Commander Yuri?"

A: - Yes, Yuri is present.

Note: From here Commander Yuri continues with the revelations.

We work permanently linked to the plan of redemption of this humanity. We know that powerful representatives of Darkness can coldly manipulate some Rulers and World Leaders. The forces are balanced, since the evil creatures do not intend to destroy the Planet, but to subdue it. However, we know that by feeling weakened in the desired domain, they can in a desperate act, to destroy it.

To avoid this, we created the emergency plan, since there are many spirits who do not need or deserve to disintegrate with the Planet.

Courage and determination, strength and Light are your weapons!

Go ahead firmly according to our guidelines and you will be contributing with the maintenance of the balance of forces now confronting on Earth.

Q: "In the event of a nuclear explosion, would there not be a very large imbalance in the forces holding the planets of the system together?"

A:  One of our first actions was to establish a plan, which consists of the emission of magnetic waves of varying levels. Mechanisms, strategically positioned from afar address their forces, creating a dense magnetism field like that one of Earth that will artificially replace their presence in maintaining the balance of the whole system.

This measure aims at preventing the imbalance of the whole system, otherwise the planets involved, as well as all other celestial bodies existing here, would be rebounded in various directions, causing major disorders in the whole set of systems and around them in a chain reaction.


Yuri, GESH - 11/30/2002.


Note: Message taken from the book: Intraterrestrial Cities: The Awakening of the Humanity - GESJ

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