Let the little children come to me...


Let little children come to me, for them is the Kingdom of Heaven! 

Beloved daughters,

Walk like children among the wild animals and I will make them unable to see you.  

Keep pure your hearts to be invisible to the mental rays intending to reach you.  

Offer your energies in favor of those brothers looking for moral, spiritual and material charity.  

Keep devoted to do good and everything else comes to you and your dear ones.

Keep the loving vibrations with conviction that God Father cares for you.

Go ahead, warriors that you are, because, the more you advance, lesser your lives belong to you, as instruments of renewal and hope in the Father's hands.  

Answer Him for guiding you in Faith and Safety.

May Peace be with you!

Yours brother,


  After reading this message, Mrs. Margarida said that the words were human, indeed, as if it were one of us speaking. Great was the surprise, when the unforgettable Brother Jesus continued transmitting his thoughts as follows: 


- “As man, they did not accept me as Son of God. The majority did not accept the man, whose words impregnated of love and wisdom became useless”.

As I promised to you, I remain among you, Divine Spark spreading the Light of mine thoughts among men, so that once again, those who have ears can listen to me. Through my Disciples, you can know works of my Love so that those who have eyes see can see.  It shall occur all the way, so that all may have life in fullness.  

No creature can blame God for not have received the protection enough for his/her redemption and evolution.  

Be you on Peace!                                           


Jesus, 02/21/03, Vitoria, ES – Brasil


Note1: After reading this message, we were surprised with its content. The Spiritual medium could not create such a beautiful message.

We can only say thank you, Jesus, beloved Rabbi of Galilee, for bringing us divine message.

Note2: - Message taken from the Book: Intraterrestrial Cities: Awakening of Humanity - GESJ

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