Suffering comes from the Planetary Environment Cleaning


In the name of God Father, Creator Uncreated, we greet you, brothers of surface!

You have consumed the Planet's reserves with the abuse of its pure springs!

You have polluted the pure energies of the planetary environment, spreading around you the poisonous acid of the lower feelings that internally consume the Spirit.

For millennia, throughout the human being trajectory on the planetary surface, you have spilled the gall of hatred, revenge, uncontrolled passions, wearing out your perennial souls, transforming them into trash deposits and sinking you into dense and suffocating swamps.

Nowadays, at the "end of the planetary cycle of atonements and trials", most of you, brothers of surface, continue to wear out the sublime energies contained in your sparks.

The infernal pools have multiplied in the invisible world, and the Earth is exhausted.

Despite the largest efforts exerted by the Hosts of Light, under the Divine and Loving Jesus, Planetary Governor, you were not able to make continuous efforts that could reverse internally your souls.

You are experiencing the “separation between the wheat from the tares”; the planetary exile, cleaning of the Earth.

The “Realm of the Beast” ends, since Jesus, a kind heart, can no longer stop the purifying process of humanity and planet already accelerated.

Illusorily Darkness advances in human hearts, because it is the Father's determination that free will guides the creatures to their destiny.

Fire, water, wind will purify the Planet Earth consumed by itself  for then  to be born a new planet, free of  impurities and densities that you placed on it.

Our intraterrestrial cities already receive some brothers of the surface that have been fighting against the wild current of the Apocalypse, keeping in tune with the spheres of Light, where love, forgiveness, peace and harmony vibrate.

The hostels are prepared and the intraterrestrial teams trained lead those who, by merit, penetrate in happy and enlightened intraterrestrial worlds.

We are brothers and friends composing humanity that have only one origin: the Creator Father of all worlds and of all beings. He is the Uncreated, Omnipotent, and Omniscient Creator that leads His creation in evolutionary journeys in the entire universe.

We came to alert you! Wake up, brothers on surface! Let to collapse the childish buildings that have haunted you for millennia and no longer torture yourself for vain attachments to everything that is perishable.

Only Love is eternal and drives creatures to Light, in dimensions of harmony and peace.

Suffering is transitory, but necessary to balance you in the balance of infinite evolution.

You must answer for your choices!

The Father's Laws are eternal and immutable!

Come brothers, to collaborate with the Earth´s Great Plan, as the end of the planetary transition is advancing precipitously.

We salute you in the name of the Light and leave to you, Peace of Jesus, Divine Governor of the Earth.

The Planetary Christ sustains you at that time.

We are many anonymous brothers walking with you throughout the earthly path, anonymous, sustaining the Light on Earth.

Hail the Light!


Intraterrestrial Orcadim, Noorian, Onçã

GESH 12/20/2019 – Vigil in Jacaraipe/ Serra, ES – Brazil.

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