Walk under the Light of Divine Jesus


May Peace and kindness be among men!

The Higher Forces of Good exert efforts for modifying the vibratory tone of the humanity through their Guides and Guardians, involving individuals in love and peace. Even thus, most human beings remain deaf to the sublime energies, erecting, in their minds and hearts, barriers of lower feelings that make them inaccessible to the calls of forgiveness and love to the neighbor.

Waves of violence filled with hatred cross the terrestrial spaces, invading the psychosphere around the human collectivities. Rushing rivers with dense energies run through the human nuclei as real and living traps for the careless beings.

Brutalized by inferior emanations, human beings attract more heavily the worst consequences of their own rebelliousness. Waves of violence and hatred explode into acts of barbarism, war, misery and pain.

Natural disasters are resources from Nature to reduce the heavy and suffocating burden that kills the Planet.

Brothers! Slow down your actions and elevate your thoughts, purifying your feelings under the aegis of Christ Jesus.

If the planetary environment is full of pollution, be you among those who seek to illuminate the reigning darkness, with acts of kindness, fraternity and love to the neighbor.

This humanity lacks selfless and voluntary good actions.

Practice love and forgiveness for not to be immersed in the apocalyptic stormy sea attracting the beasts that, from the invisible, stir up rebellion and revenge.

Be you among those who forgive. Forgiveness opens clearings of Light in the soul.

Practice the Gospel Lessons and walk on the path of Light of Divine Jesus who is the Way, Truth and Life.

You have the last trials presented to you!

Love, forgive, be meek and peaceful to you enter the dimensions of New Age Light.

Be you on Peace and love!

Yours Master,


Ramatis, GESH - 01/04/2020 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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