Be you bearers of messages of hope


May Peace be on all the planetary quadrants!

May Peace be in your hearts too!

Warriors of Light! You who have compassion and love for others are worthy to wield the Sword of Light.

You walk in tune with Jesus, trying to change your vibrational intonation to reach the most sublime subtlest dimensions of love and peace.

Wherever you go, you are protected by the powerful Army of Christ, which advances in the darkness of the Earth.

Many human beings refuse to progress morally and spiritually. Then, be you who believe and hope for a better world, to adhere, at once, to the Christ Postulates of Pardon, Love and Peace.

Walk fearlessly, harmonizing your hearts and minds with divine chords, because if the world is about to collapsing, may your souls find the Peace of Christ!

More and more you go the expansion of peace, love and charity in you, assisting your dear ones in the thorns of painful struggles of the Planetary Transition.

That no barrier be greater than your will to progress, since the Christ Love illuminates your paths. He impels you to multiply the strength to the victorious in spiritual ascension.

Be you the bearers of the messages of hope on Earth, because if the chaos advances, closer the progress is.

Jesus is with you and His Blessed Love sustains everyone amidst the turmoil of planetary events.

Have faith and hope, love and compassion, walking fearlessly in facing the Doomsday.

May peace and Love always be with you!

May Peace be in your hearts!

Yours always ready 


Commander Ashtar Sheran,

GESH 12/20/2019 - Psychophonic message – Vigil in Jacaraipe/ Serra, ES – Brazil.

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