Take your decision for spiritual ascension


Beloved disciples,

May the blessings of Light and Peace from the heart of Jesus involve everyone!

You are fulfilling the Greater Determinations with joy and discipline. Your tunics, once dark and dense, have already reached the brilliance of those who have made take definitive decisions for spiritual transformation and ascension.

It is true that a long way still comes full of struggles and tests. However, your souls have reached the firmness of faith that allows the children of God to reach the highest levels in the journey of Progress.

The Spiritist Houses where your spirits work, they represent the arenas protected by the expansion of Light, where, after completing the tasks, your spirits, finally, go to the dimensions of peace that you desire.

The Greater Force of Christ protects the Cross and the Triangle consolidated in your Spiritist Houses, and the attacks against you will not shake the foundations of Light solidified by the redeeming work.

In the meantime, dear brothers, Warriors of Light and disciples, keep vigil over your thoughts and emotions, as well as connect your actions always with the lessons of the Divine Jesus, because the enemies will not rest, striving to make dark attacks to divert you from the path toward the New Age.

Despite of the great the sufferings, go ahead courageous, fearless, certain of the presence and protection of the Light.

The planetary events already denounce the advance of the Apocalypse and, even if the ignorant creatures refuse to accept the facts, the reality is too clear.

The planet dies, and humanity does not sympathize! It advances, injuring, contaminating, and despising life. Finally reaps the bitter and unforeseen sowing of own acts and intentions!

Go forward, because everyone may face more intense and more painful struggles.

The future is full of traps and struggles; however, your souls, in tune with Jesus, will achieve full victory of the spirit.

May the peace and love of my heart envelop you; and Jesus, Major Commander, lead you on the path of spiritual ascension.

Blessed is Lord Jesus!

Hail Love!


Master Ramatis

GESH 12/20/2019 - Psychophony – Vigil in Jacaraipe, Serra, ES – Brazil.

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