The necessary suffering is temporary!


Dear brothers who pass through the thorns on Earth!

The necessary suffering is temporary!

What do minutes of pain represent before all eternity?

The pains you reap now represent your planting of past heathers and shadow in lives of others.

There is no place on Earth where the Divine Governor's light and loving words did not reach and, even in the unconscious of all creatures, there is the voice of God whispering to the soul that, only through the love practiced and felt, will set you free.

Jesus is with you and His blessed love embraces the suffering ones supporting them in the necessary tests.

Elevate your  thoughts above the whirlwind of horrors that you experience, penetrating the refreshing Light that spills over the Earth, but which is felt only by those who do not revolt, do not complain, just struggle to maintain themselves with strength to support the trials.

There are many friendly hands supporting the suffering humanity in the apocalyptic process.

Fraternal brothers approach uttering words of comfort, whispering that Jesus lives and He is present in the Orb that is going through the turmoil of the Doomsday.

Walk on the paths of pain with your mind connected to Jesus who is the Way, Truth and Life leads everyone to progress, to the dimensions of Peace and Harmony.

Blessed is Jesus, the Greatest Master of our lives!

Hail the Light that guides us!



GESH - 01/31/2020 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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