Spirituality touched by earthly suffering.


Beloved brothers,

The Hercolubus Star envelops the Earth with its primitive energy, but   not working in its full capacity.

The extraterrestrial brothers obeying the superior orders and, these from the Planetary Christ control the energy directed by Hercolubus. However, as much as the society perpetrates violence, the leaders' excesses occur as well as rupture of families and that there is a generalized madness in the social treatment, the barbarism on Earth has not yet reached its peak.

Until the dawn of the new day, the Orb may face very difficult moments in its physical structure by means of catastrophes and rupture of the social order. Hercolubus acts, but it is not just its energy that moves the Earth's moral bankruptcy.

You can see the rupture of social stability, which already begins with the family, the lack of evangelization and hidden interests, and more and more, fragile the connection between religions and men with the Gospel.

When the influence upon the Master Jesus' messages becomes completely interrupted and no longer followed by humanity, then Hercolubus will be fully active on the physical plane.

Probably, many of those who are now aware of this information will live this period, but bear in their heads, our words. However, from the astral, see their dear ones, children and grandchildren, and incarnated spiritual friends suffering the last trials at "end of times".

Creation neither practice injustice nor the Superior Spirituality is indifferent to the earthly suffering. These are the results of the unforeseen planting of the past. Then, cultivate good seeds today to harvest flowers and good fruits in the future.

May the Peace of Master Jesus be among you!


Extraterritorial  Tuella, GESH - 08/02/19 - Vitoria, ES – Brasil.

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