The Gospel of Jesus is the way!


May the Peace of Christ be with you!

The Planet Earth is experiencing a spiritual battle, which reverberates on the physical plane; since the affinities and symbiosis existent between those deviated from the Light on the astral plane find affinity in matter.

This is the situation of a planet where the Planetary Transition acts as a divider between Darkness and Light.

It also shows the moral bankruptcy of spiritual leaders, answering for the liberating task of taking the incarnated crowd to higher levels of morality and instilling, in the backward spirits of the planet, a more Christian behavior. However, we see ambition, vanity and thirst for power still reverberating in their souls causing atrocities in religious temples, houses of prayer, churches and confraternities, since they are still imperfect men.

Brothers, you must understand that the human spiritual bankruptcy was not by failures in the Gospel, which in His redemptive mission, with the moral teachings brought to humanity by Avatars, Devas, Masters and Prophets, and by Beloved Jesus understood by several creatures of this planet of atonement and trials who managed to reach the Light.

The fault lies in human beings with their weaknesses, having no will to reject the evil influences of the shadow, since they still have in their hearts, harmful feelings that did not sublimate, such as lust, ambition for power, fury, envy, jealousy and so on. In this way, they will inhabit in worlds compatible with their nature.

He, who, regardless of the religious designation, in his daily routine invests himself with a Christian attitude to his neighbor, who respects the spiritual and human laws, perfecting himself in an evangelizing morality and respecting the spirit´s home - your body - will be able, by “pray and watch” to free yourself from this world of atonements and trials.

He, however, who shows himself of religious importance, but who, in his heart, darkness inhabits his soul, will feel the weeping and gnashing of teeth, and  realize that the most humble servant is the greatest in the Light, and the greatest among men it is the smallest in spiritual eyes.

So, regardless of your creed or religious function, always love God above all things and love your neighbor as yourselves. This is still the safest route to go for the soul who wishes to emancipate spiritually.

May Master Jesus and His Gospel remain as the greatest examples to be followed by you in your lives!


Peter, the Apostle,

GESH - 07/30/2019 - Vitória, ES – Brasil.

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