Lack of faith weakens the being


Brothers of mine,

Hail the peace of the great psychologist on Earth, the Beloved Master Jesus!

Complex is the human mind. When the spiritual beings have a material experience, their minds work and act strongly on the astral and physical planes. If the creature finds itself in a situation of spiritual fragility because of free will misuse, the enemies of the past and other inferior beings find an open and propitious field to act.

Most of incarnates, due to their troubled lives, do not aim at developing the strength of faith, elevated moral, religiosity and ethics in social interactions.

Men create for themselves  life increasingly influenced by material interests, loosening their mental defenses, remaining on shaky ground, thus opening doors for idlers in search of sensations and diligent workers in the inferior cities of the astral plane to act without barriers or difficulties to implement their plots of obsession, revenge and slavery.

In this way, it begins the slow and uninterrupted plan to put into practice the long-awaited vengeance for those who, "thinking themselves outraged" for years or centuries, awaits the destruction of their disaffected, and so desired “justice”.

In fact, earthly creatures create the ideal opportunity for these beings to act, for not cultivating the daily habit of praying and, of course, of watching themselves.

The current way of life adopted by humanity, it facilitates the access of the shadows, without any barrier to prevent their action. Men distance themselves from the Master's regenerating messages, adopt a superficial religious life and do not cultivate sincere faith in divine designs. Thus, they postpone the essential intimate reform, since the disposition for earthly pleasures weakens the defense of the crowds vulnerable to negative harassment.

Therefore, brothers, the prophylaxis of defense in the modern times is always the same, which are praying at home seeking continuous and uninterrupted intimate renewal, making every effort to develop empathy and resilience in the face of adversity and, above all, faith and confidence in the Creator's love for all of His creations.

Man must understand that the person is the only responsible for his own happiness with his actions, and that no one will face for him the pain accumulated throughout his existences. Moreover, nobody goes through adversity without having done something to deserve it.

Love your neighbor, love life and, above all, love the God Father!

Brothers, it is enough of pain! Do not accumulate it for future lives and believe that the Father never abandons His children.


Joana de Angelis

GESJ - 01/20/2020 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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