Heaven and Hell


May the peace of Jesus be with you!


In the beginning, men needed something able to assure them that mistakes would be punished and successes would take them to places that would welcome them, as elected in the face of their sacrifice and willingness for good.

It was the childhood phase of humanity, which needed mental exercises to discipline them. However, the ages have progressed, men have perfected their intellects and the relationship between man and divinity has matured.

Nevertheless, at this “end of time”, we still realize that most men remain dependent on a God to get them free from the current chaos on earth motivated by their inferior actions. At that moment, we observe the bankruptcy of religious institutions, which promise “heaven” for their followers and “hell for those who do not profess their faith. Thus creating the fallibility of Creation, where some have the disposition for good appearing the caste of the elect ones and others, disposition for the evil, the excluded of the cults, saying that "God wanted so".

Thence, man put God as Judge, who either throws men into the eternal fire of hell, or rewards taking them to the sky of laziness, idleness and unconcern about progress, which interrupts the spiritual evolution.

With all this illusion of “heaven and hell”, the consequences are the saddest possible. We often receive our brothers in the astral plane in a state of amazement, terrified, static or disappointed with God and his “representatives” on Earth, or because ignored heaven as an illusion, as made them believe, or run to charge their religious leader for the satisfaction of hell that  threatened them as a form of punishment.

We advise you to assume your responsibility for life as soon as possible, not transferring to men as fallible as you do. Remove the veil of convenient innocence and understanding that thoughts, actions and words are the principle from heaven or hell in the depths of consciousness, where everything rises or ends in the course of earthly life, only depending on you, choose which road to follow.

The human effort for evolution is individual and non-transferable and, because the search for truth, free from dogmas and prejudices, is that, little by little, it expands the mind and, in this achievement, it changes the way of acting in your life. There, man realizes that heaven and hell are just states of the soul that rise or fall, in the path of time.

Thence brothers, you are the most responsible for placing yourself on the level you want to be, today and tomorrow. Everything contributes to you progress or stagnate on the road, but know that, day after day, it will be inevitable to you find the Light. It means the time comes when, tired of sedentary and paralysis, you will cry and beg for help in sincere request for support and help, begging work and cleaning the tunic that weighs on your shoulders worn by the mistakes of the centuries.

Therefore, in the horizon of life, the so-called “heaven”, which you chose to inhabit, will appear.

Be you on Peace and Light!


Brother Joseph,

GESJ - 09/24/2019 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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