A positive balance in the Animal Kingdom


Blessed is Jesus!

Hail the Light leading us!

Planet Earth still considered as young Orb created in the nursery of the Universe and which still hatches with all the strength of the primitive energy. It has undergone physical, energetic and spiritual transformations, which, in a way reflects on behavior of the inhabitants in visible and invisible plane.

We as older brothers in the Cosmic Creation, wander through the universe offering help and progress to the humanities in process of the planetary transition. We could identify on Earth the typical movement of a people who fight for their evolution or insist on staying in the evolutionary delay, tied to pride and possessions.

Those rooted in material sensations cannot yet glimpse better worlds due to spiritual blindness, which we understand, but we cannot accept.

In the midst of all this turmoil of events, we have seen a positive balance in the Animal Kingdom. It attracted us as loving and wise guidance of leaders leading this category of spirits to evolve spiritually in a continuous and controlled way. This is due to close contact with humans, which makes them gradually lose their ferocity and transforming their dense energies into something more limpid and subtler.

It is also necessary to take into account the high degree of suffering, which men impose on their spirits. Since they are smaller brothers, with limited reasoning, they are unable to take revenge. So, all they have to do is accept humbly the misfortune, the weight of the hand of those who should lead them in a loving and fraternal way, beings still beginners in the evolutionary path. However, everything in Creation aims at advancing all species and groups created by the Sidereal Mentors at service of the Higher Government of the Earth.

These beings without formal reasoning absorb freely the salutary energies sent by the merciful hearts of the UGWF Masters *. However, even in the midst of pain, suffering, abuse and ignorance of intelligent and civilized men, animals with their Conductors and guides of each species, count these moments, so that in a next incarnation, which will be brief and immediate, they get closer to more advanced evolutionary groups.

Most men are unaware that we have all been on these spiritual roads, until changing the behavioral pattern, we went up from species to species, from kingdom to kingdom, up to the levels where we are today.

Therefore, it is your responsibility, earthly men, and counted as credit to your spirits, the way you treat the younger brothers, who are still beginners in the spiritual school.

Love, care and respect are expected of those who, taking a step forward, do not destroy or despise what was created by the Higher Intelligence of the Universe.


Nature's Deva

GESJ - 08/27/2019 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.


Note: * Universal Great White Fraternity

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