He, who knew the Land of Southern Cross, he is Brazilian!


The Land of Southern Cross has relevant role as new perspective of enlightenment and aid for the humanity on earth, and yet, always pursued by Negative forces that illusively, try to subdue the Globe.

Those Negative Forces invest on stupid strategies, particularly attracting and throwing negative load against the Land of Southern Cross - Brazil seeking to insult the Forces of Light, exploit the people and destroy the goodness and beautiful.

This Homeland of great importance for future humanity, it is protected as well as the population of fraternal souls that maintain a natural barrier against the Darkness. If this were not this way, wars would have deflagrated all over the world and would particularly destroy the Sidereal System.

This still young Planet Earth attracted a larger number the evolved spirits for the consolidation of ideal conditions in that future Barn of the Humanity. Nevertheless, many spirits with low vibrations transmigrated for the Land of the Southern Cross attracted by its Brilliant light, and, at the same time, contaminated the seeds bound to disseminate progress, fraternity and love throughout the new Land.

Brazil and Brazilians allowed themselves be contaminated by the inferior energies brought by insane souls; and yet, Brazilians bring inwardly pureness of the Fraternity based on the Gospel of Jesus, which provides the ideal conditions to maintain Brazil as the Homeland of the Gospel.

Many of low-vibration souls reincarnate throughout the planet, as a last chance to readjust with God´s Law. Even so, everywhere they go, they leave trace of blood and pain, evil and violence.

The time has come for "final selection" when souls seeking the self-regeneration must fulfill God´s Designs with resignation and discipline. It is up to each one to exert great effort to stay in the Vineyard of Christ. By other hand, disturbed souls remain associated to the Beast´s moral deviations and vive addictions.

The Foundations of Light maintain Brazil as the Homeland of the Gospel and the Barn of the World, despite the larger number of inferior reincarnating souls instituting chaos, violence, and moral bankruptcy.

It is the "last selection between Lambs and wolves."

Jesus is our Shepherd who leads His flock with wisdom and love.

Blessed is the Brazilian People!

Blessed is Brazil!

Blessed is Jesus!


Joseph Boniface (Tutor of D. Pedro II), 11/26/2008

Land disputes in Brazil take part of its culture; but the greedy ones driven by the Dark Forces want to turn the partition into bloody war.

We must defend Peace and institute Love!

We must defend the weak ones and love everyone!

Blessed is Peace!

Blessed is Love!

Blessed is Jesus!

He, who knew the Land of Southern Cross, he always is Brazilian!


Joseph Boniface (Tutor of D. Pedro II), 11/26/2008


 Note: Message taken from Divulgation nr. 52.

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