Allan Kardec´s Words


Brothers, since I accepted and performed the task addressed to me, I faced various difficulties in incomprehension, rebellion and madness from bitter and unhappy hearts that ignored the presence of the Adored Lord Jesus.

Nowadays, I can see you fulfilling the Higher Purposes and facing the same difficulties as before. Touched by the difficult task given to you, united by the feelings, which the memory brings me, I want help you the most I can.

Thankful for the thoughts addressed to us, in recognizing the result of the work fulfilled infinitely less than that proposed by Superior Spirituality, however, we had done the best we could as embodied spirits with little knowledge of the spiritual life and before the daily difficulties.

Despite of all obstacles, it is worth it to face the world on behalf of Jesus that always grants us force against the disbelief, discredit and negative vibrations against us. Those bad feelings at times reach us, because most of human beings still ignore the importance of the Consoler.

Many Spiritualistic Groups very often denominated as Evangelical Groups emit injuries and negative thoughts against the Workers of the Light. Even so, Master Jesus also grants them force, courage and faith for facing the hard battles. Subdued by "negative forces", incarnate human beings embrace "illusory truths" forgetting of the simplest teachings of loving the neighbor. We are just brothers, but they see us as enemies.

I agree with you that most of beings ignore the Light addressed to them through the enlightening messages to feed their spirits in faith and in courage.

They write their destinies, while choosing the incomprehension.

We expect those poisonous darts do not reach your tenacious spirits, because above all, we shall accomplish the duty on behalf of the Creator.

The slanders and infamies are insignificant before the accomplished duty as the Creator wishes.

We expect the love guides your steps for facing the inevitable battles, and that you address feelings of happiness for awakening those ignorant and delayed beings.

Margarida: Thank you brother for your loving presence with us; for your legible books addressed for all humanity, even though, most of them neither ready nor study them.   As you said, we have mercy for all those neglect the chance and will face a long and difficult walk.

May Jesus bless and wrap you with glories and happiness, here or in any other planet.

We are speechless to express our love for you, dear brother. Thank you for all your efforts to codify the revelations and knowledge in a great work granted to the humanity. Nowadays, before our simple work, we can evaluate all energy, efforts, dedication and love in favor of the humanity, only surpassed by teachings of Jesus, Incomparable Master of all of the Masters forever.

Allan Kardec: Sister, give me your hand and let me tell you that on those most difficult moments devoted to the humanity, we are with you, no matter what the ignorant and backward brothers think say. Jesus continues blessing our work.

May the peace of the Mister of all worlds involve our hearts!

We are many brothers giving ourselves to God Father.


Allan Kardec

05/24/2008 - Caparao, ES - Brazil


Note: Message taken from Divulgation nr. 50

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