Opening the “Dimensional Portal” of the Lemur, Intraterrestrial City


We congratulate with you for another opportunity to work.

Sisters, we penetrated the intraterrestrial city curious about the different experience the Father granted us, and happy because in every face there was no sadness or apprehension, as well in the cities we visited in the lower astral plane.

Important to know about the Intraterrestrial Cities inhabiting human beings like us, however, coming from several different civilizations. They built with high technology their cities in the interior of the Earth. Some of these cities are in subtle levels of reality, and others, in denser levels; these are always located in regions where nature is preserved, guaranteeing the flow of healthy energies among its inhabitants.

The cities existent in the lower astral, on the contrary, are always founded with deleterious energies resulting from the rebellion of beings in not accept the Divine Designs. In these places, the flow of energies presents inverted polarity and favors some over others. Power, ambition, vanity, lust, laziness and anger sustain the Lower Cities, which intention is always to produce evil.

Spiritual Medium: Can I ask a question about it?

Answer: Yes.

Spiritual Medium: Are there Intraterrestrial Cities inhabited by negative beings?

Answer: The Intraterrestrial Cities are of different categories, because when the Portals of accessing the planet allow free movement of peoples, some beings of primitive civilizations more backward than the earthly ones, for different reasons, prefer to live here.

Among these people, some of them remained constituting intraterrestrial cities, which cultural shock could give the impression to be negative, however, in such situation; there is no intention of evil, but rather ignorance of common good.

These civilizations must remain isolated for not disturb the creatures on the surface and these do not disturb the intraterrestrial ones. Events of difficult understanding could spread fear, prejudice and hunt for these brothers.

These cities remain strongly isolated by magnetism of Superior Forces as a protection measure adopted by the High in order to favor the both sides.

The Reptilian beings created intraterrestrial cities, which organization seeks to promote evil and discord among men. Nevertheless, the Armies of Good have been gradually expelling these reptilians to where they deserve.  The other cities remain in different process of evolution.

Spiritual Medium: Thank you brother for bringing us this information.

Answer:  Curious and with a great joy, we penetrated the intraterrestrial city, which inhabitants equally welcomed us with curiosity and joy.

The presence of Master Jesus was intense and reminded us of the time when incarnated; He walked preaching His lessons and participating in the local community life.

The beloved Master fills our existence and where there is joy and mutual respect, He is over there. Blessed be our Great Brother!

Arcot, our host introduced us to a Group of Guides. Each Guide was responsible for a group of visitors, embodied and disembodied beings.

We were many beings divided into groups The Groups were Health, Administration, Nature, Spiritual Development and Maintenance of the City including food production and preparation, clothing production, hygiene, transportation, family life and leisure, related to the current work we do in the astral world.

Later on, we will let you know of the messages, reporting the details of our visits on this subject.

Sooner, we all receive part of the knowledge that surrounds the beautiful city of Lemur, so that we all together know about the way of life of that people.

At the appointed time, our hosts led us for the “Opening Ceremony of the Portal.”

Very focused and seriously they evoked their Spiritual Leader who put themselves in touch with the Higher Forces. As for us, singing the mantra, we also established connection with the High. At the culminating moment, when the strength of both groups became one, a strong explosion of lights flooded the place, opening the Dimensional Portal connecting the city of Lemur to the Higher Spheres.

Trumpets and hymns of untranslatable beauty were heard. There was a ballet of colors in the sky changed into multifaceted forms.

Soft perfumes invaded the place where we were, and, although opened on the ceiling, the perfume exhaled was enough to flood the whole place.

Our spirits, enveloped with the shining beauty of the Portal that seemed alive, absorbed the local energies to invigorate and strengthen them.

We surrender ourselves to the Beloved Presence conducting that ceremony with everyone entering in trance accessing the other dimension.

About an hour later, returning to normal condition, the Dimensional Portal remained opened forming an isolation cord and around it had two Archangels, Beings of Light, “Local guardians”.

The ecstatic Lemurians woke up from the trance crying and hugging each other, such was the emotion they had experienced. They were speechless and we, taken by such emotion, embraced each other, laughing and crying with joy.

Arcot retook the word with a beautiful prayer of thanks to the Creator, and, after the frugal snack, at this point would be dispensable; we return to the Work Team that accompanies you.

A unique experience made us to feel grateful, because if there were not goodwill to move you as far as that place, we would not have had such an interesting and extraordinary experience of mutual fraternal among people.

May the Light from the High always guide your journey!

With love,

 Andre Luis

GESH - 05/24/2008 Caparao - MG

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