Prepare yourselves with love and compassion


In the deep abodes of Darkness, there are traps and projects that destroy humanity.

In the dormant basements of the human unconsciousness, there is a latent germ of evil and moral weaknesses waiting to activate a perverse command awakened and fed, and then project itself over the surface of consciousness, acting as a subliminal command, and disturbing agent of human health.

The perverse beings, inhabitants of the Abyss and Darkness, spend their idle time in machinations and inferior magnetic training to activate the dormant internal mechanisms of the careless and ignorant incarnate creatures.

Brothers, while there is life, there are opportunities for a new beginning, for changing the thought and vibrations!

Warriors of the Light, in the next full moon, there will be battle! Keep minds and hearts, in high vibrations, connected to the Planetary Christ´s source of light. Led by Jesus, you will face battlefields with ferocious beings.

They do not know you; however, all who, like them, do not share in the evil ideals, are enemies.

Be ready with love and compassion.

Be you on Peace and love.

Blessed is Jesus.



GESH - 06/13/2020 - Vitoria, ES - Brazil

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