Christ Jesus full of Love and Light hovers over you!


Beloved children and disciples,

Behold, I am among you, fulfilling a promise made to Master Jesus to lead you along the path of progress.

At any time, I gave up to rescue you from Darkness to Light, since many of you were already part of my lives on previous planets and, even on Earth, when I was incarnated, some of you were with me.

You are beloved disciples to whom we have designed a redemptive work plan minutely designed and supported by the Forces of Good that we represent.

While embodied spirit, you are subject to it material body and everything that occurs in it, in such dense dimension. However, we assure you that, for the future enjoyments of the soul - and we refer to the ecstasy of the soul in moral elevation - the pleasures you now feel are tiny in relation to those that await you, when you ascend to the higher dimensions, as happy spirits, graced by redemptive victory.

The planet in which you inhabit now reaches its end. Human aggressions against its body, already wounded and bloodshed do not cease. Men continue, with no sense of life in the different plans and kingdoms created by God, aggressively attacking it, already exhausted in its vital forces and reserves.

You neither can see nor feel with your dense eyes and senses what happens on the subtle side, around you. However, we tell you: Nature will react and let you surprised by the collapse of storms.

Microorganisms that attack you come from dense regions, through lower openings, caused by the dense energies released from you.

From the bottoms of the earth to the most advanced civilizations in your society, the physical and spiritual chaos prevails.

Unbalanced minds, in both planes of life, increase the current chaos and violence among brothers.

We had never seen before so many churches, pastors and religious of all creeds who have failed to understand the Gospel, who are unable to lead themselves, much less to evangelize their mob. They are blind leading other blind men!

Christ Jesus hovers over you, full of Light and Love and you are not able to feel Him, remaining with minds and hearts in the dimensions of rebellion, hatred, revenge, pride, prejudice, selfishness, and so on.

Incredulous in Divine guidance, you seek miracles for the material body in cold temples.

 Scientists ignoring the damaging events for the poor ones, they continue to build war weapons to claim thousands of lives at a distance.

Where does so much inconsistency and ignorance come from?

From rebelliousness, we assure you!

Your society will not achieve the illusory material balance that you look for, until you destroy the boundaries of prejudice, animosity, indifference, and so on.

Love each other, as brothers that you are, doing to others what you would like for yourself. In peace and love, the world will be enlightened!

You have all the means to do so; what you lack is love to act.

The planet advances, and you, brothers, where are you?

Are you with Christ or against Christ?

Reflect on your actions and feelings until this moment, as the “transition of the planet” advances and time ends for you in this dimension.

May Peace and Love of Christ be with you!


Ramatis Kuthumi, GESH - 06/12/2020 - Vitória, ES – Brazil.

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