The Last Call


Blessed be Our Lord Jesus who, around His love, gathers all of us, as former victims and tormentors in the transit through Darkness and, today, regenerated souls in search of evolution.

Brothers, you have heard of death and destruction predicted in the ancient prophecies for the "end of time", which presents itself as  the last call - for humanity to compose itself before the Greater Laws that create and maintain life, in all planes and directions. These Laws regulate life from the origin of the spark, being present in the infinite evolutionary possibilities, in all kingdoms, whether they are in higher or in lower planes. God´s Laws reign, as they are responsible for the creation and maintenance of life. If we refuse in applying them to us, we receive the due correction.

Each human being is at a different level of understanding the moral laws of life, applying them according to their backward and ignorant understanding. However, in his mind, the Divine Laws remain in the subconscious spark, being activated while awakening, flooding the creature with higher purposes.

No creature is devoid of the Father´s love and, in the current evolutionary stage of this humanity; you could have already reached the collective transformation to propel you beyond the dimensions of suffering and pain.

Each choice and each step determines the direction of the soul at this “end of the planetary cycle”.

The Earth moves quickly to abandon the dimension of suffering, causing transformations in its geography and instability in its poles. The entire Nature is shaken, trying to adapt to new planetary realities.

The human being is the most fragile in this evolutionary cycle. Attached to matter, he receives, in his heart, the imbalances of the transcendental phenomena of the rising planet.

Do not look for answers to many facts occurring in your society, because associated with the great planetary movement, there is the influence of the Intruding Star that, increasingly stronger, makes its primitive rays penetrate in the souls, potentiating the untamed inferiority in all beings .

To the Rightists, we say to redouble vigilance, nourish the faith and work tirelessly for the improvement of your Self, serving Christ at all times, because you are going to face many internal battles, until you reach the Planet of Regeneration.

You are summoned to the fight!

Stay in tune with Jesus and His Hosts of Light, because the beasts that chase you, they are able to slaughter the invigilating servant. You have the training and resources to face the battlefield, composing the Army of Christ, which has been illuminating the darkness with the light of help and friendly aid to thousands of prisoners of Darkness.

Go ahead warriors of the Light! Renew your faith and confidence in God's designs, as you face the last hours of the planet of atonement and trials.

Do not think that these hours are compatible with the Earth hours, which you illusively know. The time of Eternity differs from yours.

May Jesus, our Master, Guide and Tutor, bless you and lead the victory of the spirit over matter.

Blessed is Jesus!

Paul of Tarsi is with you!

Let us fight with Jesus.


Paul of Tarsi, GESH - 07/03/2020 - Vitoria, ES - Brazil

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