The Father


May the peace of Jesus be with you!

Dear brothers, the one who have awakened consciousness able to see a future of glory, nowadays, he can see opportunities for learning and self-transformation.

The quarrels motivated by economic problems are correct for the material world, but the longings of the soul that wants to be enlightened are also necessary and true. Each creature in its knowledge and practice of universal truths makes its choices, walking according to what its heart dictates. However, beloved brothers, God Almighty supports you all, regardless of whether you are walking in the Light or in the Dark, as Rightists or Leftists of Christ.

The Father's Love reaches equally all creatures so that they feel His presence with them.

Eternity infinitely expands opportunities for all souls in tune with evolution. However, the Planet of atonement and trials reaches its end of evolutionary cycle, seeking to transform itself into a new “planetary being”, in a higher dimension, far from the aggressions suffered along of the millennia. This humanity, which selects itself to inhabit the New Earth, it is already changing the vibratory tone of the perispiritual cells, adapting, together with the planet, to the new vibrations approaching.

As you know, the time in the third dimension differs from that in higher dimensions. Therefore, prepare yourselves at every moment, renewing your strength, faith and confidence in the Plan of God, for nothing happens without His sovereign will.

  • Who is talking?
  •  I am Orthan.

- Brother, there have been reports about apparitions of extraterrestrial spaceships. We do not know if they are people trying to bring fear to humanity or if it is real news. Will groups that work seriously know when these apparitions are real?

- Those that are in harmony and in tune with extraterrestrial energy will have no doubts about the veracity of the facts, when these really occur.

Certainly, many of the “lights” seen were already there, without being seen by material eyes. Moreover, there are many "lights" that only spiritual eyes can see, without the physical plane being able to reach them.

So it happens at that time! Many people can see what the physical eyes do not see and many, who only see the physical plane, believe to see what they want, without really existing. However, your hearts and minds, in harmony with the messages received, will know the truth, without the need for confirmation.

The Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial Brothers circulate with their spaceships over the Earth, supporting, rescuing and helping the earthly humanity.

These rumors are necessary for the brothers of humanity to reflect on their poverty of knowledge about the intelligent, vibrant and intense life, outside and inside the Earth.

Brothers, if you have doubt, prayers are benevolent resource to support and enlighten your mind.

- Could this news about apparition of spaceships be a device from Darkness to confuse people?

-  "Of all evil, good is taken"! Whether it is true or false, the fact is that humanity directs thought to lives outside of Earth. The spaceships circulate. Some people can see, others do not see. But the subject present in the minds and hearts of human beings who have the time at their disposal to direct minds and hearts to other paths, different from those that bring disagreements and disagreements.

We are not the ones who can assure you for this or that group on Earth. We guarantee, however, that there is an extraterrestrial presence with you, right now, on planet Shan.

- Nowadays, we need to have a good capacity for discernment, when lots of lies and fake news circulate. We need to pay attention and filter the information received.

- Yes, and this little Group have the knowledge to discern between illusion and truth.

May Jesus bless all earthly humanity!

We are working and your bodies receive appropriate treatments to face the earthly journey.

Blesses is Lord Jesus who leads us!


Extraterrestrial Orthan

GESH - 05/15/2020 - Vitória, ES - Brazil

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