Message of Peace and Fraternity


Clairvoyance: Again, I saw our Group walking through the woods, climbing up a stone stairway, which looked like an existing path, built by some ancient civilization. It did not seem natural.

Stood up at its top was a man who said:


"Brazilian Brothers,

There are many peoples on Earth, and among them are those who should compose the Brazilian race, in process of formation.

Many of you bring in your blood and soul, marks of each culture, beliefs and knowledge developed by ancestors of yours over millennia.

It is not by chance, the Divine Providence looked for this vast miscegenation. There is an explicit purpose for the development of such a human group.

The Planet Earth has to develop a single government with Nations without limits or borders.

The feeling of fraternity hold by such humanity, right now, it needs be cultivated among Brazilians, do not distinguishing race or creed.

This is the lesson from Brazil to the entire Planet Earth.

As for you, messengers of the Light, do your best to make public this Message of Peace and Fraternity.

Brazilian brothers, give each other hands, rise from your personalities and build the peaceful, loving and fraternal race that this world lacks.

Come and meet the destiny bound to you: Heart of the World, Homeland of the Gospel!

Let the great Brazilian heart pulsate in the rhythm of fraternal love!

Rulers, you must give up the temptations of lust and power and open your souls to fulfill the hard work bound to you, which is to transform your much-loved homeland into the Barn of the World, because sooner all humanity shall look for you.

Brazilian brothers and sisters, do not judge with words, but follow up and demand clear administration of your rulers.

Do not criticize, but work hard to build the Motherland of the Future.

Expand your boundaries to the limits of Universal Love and fulfill the designs of God.

The time has come for us to summon everyone to the fulfillment of God's plans ".


Ismael, Spiritual Guide of Brazil

GESH - 10/09/00 - Água Boa, Praça Pública - MT, Brazil.


Note: Message taken from Divulgation nr. 26

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