The Angels ‘sweet sonatas no longer sounds in the Universe


Clairvoyance: Right after reciting the mantra at 6pm, I started listening to classical music, which transported me into space, when I recognized Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. He appeared in front of me as he were in his photos, suddenly changing his appearance as if he were an extraterrestrial being, very tall, thin, a little big head. During the clairvoyance, I did not feel him in our colony; it was as if were at distance sending his following message:


 Blessed is Christ who allowed us to meet here!

Sisters, the Angels ‘sweet Sonatas no longer sound in the Universe singing Glory to the Father.

The Earth, a planetary home much loved and suffered, no longer sings the sweet notes of harmony of its creation. They reach us, in these sad hours before the sunset, when we can listen to the lament of abandonment, the mercy for the suffering brothers.

We send at all times, through the wind, in the murmur of the sea, in the song of birds, the messages of joy and love so that each creature receives in his/her heart in the creation of the spark.

We are lovingly cleaning our formerly beloved House; which we shall heal its wounds.

None of you, who listen to me, abandons the home serving you as a spiritual shelter. Take care of every part of this friendly planet, because who knows, it will shelter you in the future?

Let us join in love with the great Creation!

We wish light on your path!

Today, no longer I have the former image, since I abandoned that passage a long time ago, but with love, I serve the Planet Earth.


Ludwig Van Beethoven, GESJ - 07/30/2010 – Vitória/ES - Brazil


Note: Message taken from the book “Seeds blown by the wind”.

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