The Planet Earth cries


Beloved Disciples,

At this moment, I am among you.

How much pain will be necessary to wake up your brothers and sisters?

Nature suffers from human evil.

Birds migrate from place to place without finding a safe shelter to their nests.

All kinds of debris produced by this humanity affect the clear waters.

The sky is darkened by the uncontrolled action of minds dominated by ambition.

The soil impoverished and exhausted does not have the strength to make the vegetable brothers sprout.

Everything was devastated and destroyed by humans, so far from the evolutionary path.

The Planet Earth cries, but its destiny is already set.

The Age of Light awaits the Earth rewarded by its sacrifice.

It will be flooded with Love, warmed by the fire of Compassion, cooled by the breeze of Gratitude and restored by the Affection of friendly hands of its Star Brothers.

Moreover, you men, what rewards will you receive.

Poor little ones are you!

Your reluctance delays your journey, your egos and disbeliefs draw anguish and terror to you, and your souls wander unable to see the hidden treasure within you.

You are missing a precious opportunity coming from deep abysms.

Do not ignore our call.

Let our Love rescue your souls.

Let Charity purify your bodies.

Let the Light give you back the vision.

We love you very much.


Master Ramatis

GESH - 06/29/99 Easter Island.


Note: Message taken from Divulgation nr. 22

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